Stepping into this cafe within a Mercedes-Benz showroom makes you feel as though you’ve stepped right out of a time machine and into the past.

The elegant copper pope design modeled after retro car exhausts catches your attention first. Your eye then naturally rails upwards to the hanging ball and metal lights, looking as if they’re floating in this dreamy time period. Eventually, you land on the tall warehouse ceiling which bears its raw, industrial look, matching that of the copper pipes ad pendant lamps in the booth seating.

Tennyson Chia, Managing Director of Sachi Interior Design describes the interior concept as a reflection of Mercedes-Benz’s evolution from a machinery producer to an automotive brand. Through the retro design, Sachi Interior Design pays homage to Mercedes-Benz’s past, and with modern elements, celebrates its present and future. The cafe also celebrates the brand with its color choice that is aligned with Mercedes-Benz’s corporate identity while the exclusive finishes in the design represent the luxury status of the automotive giant.

Looking at this elegant cafe and showroom, it’s hard to imagine that the space was once your run-of-the-mill old warehouse. Instead of masking its original structure, the designers elevated the warehouse’s industrial look with clever choices in architecture, furnishing, and decor. The interior is also a play on the parts of car-steel elements, angular shapes, and sleek lines. Along with functional space planning and thoughtful furnishing, the cafe is a chic and comfortable venue for meals and interaction.

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