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Excited to reveal this as our first project highlight in 2019, this beautiful 3000 square-feet cottage inspired house is taking the centre stage! Taking a home tour with us, it is easy to spot the modern country feature in the neat lines and checkered patterns on ceilings and cabinets - that exude it’s delicate charm in the space.

One unique feature has got to be the custom-built spiral staircase that connects the basement and ground floor, instantly creates a classy, enchanting setting to the house. Looking stylish and eclectic, the kitchens in the house highlight a deep turquoise tone paring with monochromatic palette. The exquisite selection of backsplash textures adds on delightful characters and visually appealing aesthetics.

Moving to the upper storey, the master bedroom takes on a classic approach, with a pleasant mix of fine textures and clean lines. The custom-made dressing area cleverly transforms the original bedroom layout with smart space planning. With the hectic pace of everyday life, this modern country home easily becomes a serene place to rejuvenate and unwind after a long day.

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