We all dream of having the perfect kitchen organised yet stylish. The perfect kitchen is subjective but we can guarantee you’ll fall in love with at least one of these kitchens.

Curated by local interior designers, these kitchens that belong in Malaysian homes are all Insta-worthy while also maintaining its function.

Sleek and stylish, this parallel kitchen helps you save space while keeping things organised. The homeowners and interior designers opted to maintain dark hues in this space with black cabinets and warm wooden countertops.

This compact kitchen is perfect for homes that lack floor space. The U-layout of the space leaves room for easy manoeuvring while giving you enough workspace. The modern layout features white cabinets, wooden backsplash, alongside a bold black refrigerator.

If you’re looking for a kitchen that will stand out then be inspired by this eclectic design! Featuring a bright orange hue, this kitchen is eye-catching and fun. We love how the interior designer merged the bright bold hue with dark accents.

White kitchens are a popular option amongst homeowners. This condominium unit in Johor perfectly features pristine white cabinetry and countertops with accents of beige wood. The tiled backsplash adds a homey charm to the unit.

Combining the electric blue hue with a simple white tone for the kitchen cabinets in this home has given this space a much-deserved upgrade. Take notes for when you can’t decide between two colours.

This gorgeous industrial kitchen features a blend of dark colours, red brick walls, and a traditional tiled backsplash. The combination of these elements has created an edgy and Insta worthy kitchen.

Small, compact, and functional, this cooking space was merged with a dining area to save space. The single wall kitchen has various levels of storage while allowing the homeowner to use both the countertop and the dining table as workspaces.

A picture of classy elegance, this kitchen flaunts a contemporary minimalist theme with standout elements like gold pendant lights, marble countertops, and contrasting wooden cabinets.

Maintaining a balance of dark and light, the interior designer of this modern themed kitchen used a combination of black cabinets with white countertops to create a modern and clean looking space.

This resort-style bungalow in Johor boasts a stunning kitchen that takes on classic wooden cabinets and rustic styled subway tiles to create a cohesive rustic industrial feel.

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