Why you should care

These kids’ rooms and nurseries will inspire you to remodel your space for your mini-me’s. Scroll through and pin these stunning designed before getting the help of one our professional interior designers.

Parents always go above and beyond for their kids and the bedroom is no exception. Even before the baby comes, parents are already designing the nursery in their heads.

With so much to consider like storage for baby clothes and paraphernalia, and dedicated nursing zones, it’s best to hire interior design help.

From a sailor themed nursery to a tropical getaway, we’ve compiled a list of nurseries and kids rooms from Malaysian homes that are sure to inspire a room remodel.

Nursery Ideas

This nursery flaunts a gorgeous shade of baby blue that pairs well with the white crib and furnishing. To add a sense of serenity and whimsy, the interior designer used stuffed toys, decals, and fun patterns.


If you’re looking for something subtler, this gender-neutral nursery nook could be the answer. This nook only takes up one wall of your bedroom and manages to fit a dresser for your baby clothes, a baby crib, and a comfy chair. The nook is pulled together by chevron wallpaper, giving design to an otherwise basic white.


In this home, the nursery is a converted walk-in closet that welcomes the homeowners’ bundle of joy. So instead of making over an entire room, the interior designer used the closet space as a temporary kid’s room until the baby transitions into her own bedroom.


If your bedroom is rather small, be sure to only include the essentials when creating a nursery nook. A few storage units and a baby bed is all this homeowner required in their nook. To complete the look, they opted for a geometric wall art with soft colours.


If you have more than one kid, you can combine both the nursery and the toddler’s room . With statement décor and storage pieces, the interior designer opted for a white base to help visually pull the room together.


When these homeowners decided on a subtle colour for the nursery, the interior designers put together a mostly pink room e that complements the white furniture. With its contemporary theme, the bedroom can easily be converted into a toddler- and teen-friendly room.


Kids Bedroom Ideas

Prevent all the potential bickering by opting for a wardrobe that doubles as a divider when you have kids sharing a room. Not only does this help solve the ‘your side’ and ‘my side’ issue, but it helps your kids stay organised as well.


If you’re scouting for girls’ room ideas, then bookmark this one. We love how they designed a nook for this bedroom that makes story time extra cosy! The room’s interior is also a great example of how smart design can fulfil your storage and lifestyle needs without taking up too much space.


Looking for boys’ room ideas instead? We’ve got you covered with this sailor themed bedroom that will help your son dream up all the best voyages in his sleep!


This neutral yet far from boring kids bedroom is such a dream that we wish we were kids again. The interior designer added a charming poster bed and teepee reading “corner” to give this minimalistic room some personality.


Flaunting a modern Scandinavian theme, this shared kids bedroom looks so cosy and tropical. Plus, this design is a great way of keeping the space gender neutral.


Optimise space with the help of an interior designer. This bunk bed and single bed combo easily sleeps 3 toddlers, or 2 toddlers and a visiting cousin. Grouping the beds on one side of the room and the desks plus storage on the other makes for an organised bedroom.


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Why you should care

These kids’ rooms and nurseries will inspire you to remodel your space for your mini-me’s. Scroll through and pin these stunning designed before getting the help of one our professional interior designers.

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