Why you should care

Interaction is key to an effective space, be it an office or commercial unit.

Ever wondered why certain offices feel warm and welcoming while others feel like cold and clinical rooms? It’s not just a matter of the right air-conditioner setting.

A welcoming office or workspace is one that understands its users and visitors, and the way in which they use the space. Being able to interact and communicate effectively increases productivity and very simply, gets work done!

The next time you’re looking for a workplace or school, check to see if it has these features:

1 More Collaborative Spaces

A lack of collaborative spaces means reduced in-person communication which is faster and more effective than emails and web chats. With more collaborative spaces, employees or students are able to interact better with each other and with external parties like visitors and customers.

These spaces are also great for purposeful AFK (away from keyboard) sessions to read, make phone calls, do research, or have discussions.

Have you ever noticed how you’re usually more productive when there’s a low level of noise around you than when the room is completely silent? This means that collaborative spaces help you work with small groups or alone within an environment of other small groups, thereby improving focus.

2 Alternative “Cubicles”

Sometimes, people just want to walk away from their desks to refresh not only their environment, but their thoughts. Creating alternative workspaces will improve productivity and encourage interaction that might be stifled in quieter zones like the cubicles.

Add moveable or flexible furniture so that users can determine how they want to work in spaces like these.

3 Quiet Hubs

As much as offices encourage interaction, they should also enable privacy. Certain people work better in privacy or in smaller groups. Otherwise, it’s just always good to have quiet spaces to make phone calls or hold private meetings.

quiet zone office

SOURCE: officesnapshots.com

private hub office

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Why you should care

Interaction is key to an effective space, be it an office or commercial unit.

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