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11,370 Malaysia Office Architect & Interior Designer Ideas in Malaysia

The work environment is fast evolving in Malaysia, resulting in the need for new office designs that include dismantling individual cubicles in favour of an open environment. Whatever the office design, the emphasis for modern offices is on lean and flexible spaces. Incorporate an open design in your office to encourage transparency, team spirit, conversation, participation, and learning. Keep in mind that even with an open office design, you will still need to provide spaces where your employees can work quietly on individual tasks, have a private conversation, or hold meetings. More »

How do I design a modern office?

Another concern of modern office interior design in Malaysia is ergonomics. When designing your office, make sure the computer monitor is positioned properly relative to your office chair and desk height to avoid stress and strain on your back, neck, shoulders, and eyes. You will also need to have the right kind of lighting to reduce glare and eye strain. Keep your office space as flexible as possible by including office furniture on rollers for easy movement, and creating “plug and play” areas where employees can take their laptops to work. Your office design will speak volumes about your corporate mission and image to your clients and employees, so be sure to have a design style that reflects the company’s brand, focus, and products.

Incorporate elements into your office design to help you achieve certain results. Install recycling stations throughout the office and provide easy access to each bin with clear instructions to encourage recycling. You can also have other office amenities installed to create a sense of work life balance and wellbeing, such as centralised coffee bars, fitness rooms, game rooms, and wellness rooms for everyone from nursing mothers to employees who don’t feel well. Thinking in terms of sustainability is gradually becoming the norm in modern office designs in Malaysia. Use office machinery that come with an automated switch-off mode when it is not in use, or have overhead lighting that will automatically grow dimmer as more natural light enters the space.

What are the popular interior design trends for office interiors in Malaysia?

You can combine deep cooling tones, such as charcoal and grey-tinged greens, with ivory, stone, and taupe for balance, then add a few pops of red or yellow for colour, or use large-scale geometric patterns to create a design statement that expresses your company’s personality. Focus on the ergonomics of design with features like adjustable arms and head rests on your office chairs, and durable materials such as rustic woods, metal finishes, and tempered glass for the rest of your office furniture. Dual-purpose office furniture, such as filing cabinets with slide-out seats to accommodate those spur-of-the-moment business meetings, or lounge chairs with tablet arms so employees don’t have to be at a desk to work are great options. Be eco-friendly and install photovoltaic glass on the surface of your office windows for solar power. You can also change your office interior design layout to create more open workspaces. Separate the desks with low or transparent panels, or have the partitions removed altogether to promote communication and participation among employees.

What are the efficient and cost-effective ways of designing an office in Malaysia?

Concentrate on the ergonomics of your office design. Poorly-designed office furniture can lead to health problems for you and your employees, with back complaints being the most common reason for time off in Malaysia. Also, uncomfortable employees will not be at their peak when it comes to productivity. Make sure that the office chairs are properly reclined, with adjustable headrests, and that the computer monitors are at or just below eye-level.

Think of ways to create distinct spaces and partitions in your office. You can have a meeting area with more comfortable office chairs and a kitchen area that is separated from the rest of the office design. This separation can help to encourage a sense of order and structure amongst your employees and ensure that they can take proper breaks, which can help to enhance employee productivity.

Lighting is vital in any office design, and poor lighting can make your office feel more cramped and claustrophobic. This can severely affect your employees’ ability to do their jobs properly. Avoid installing endless fluorescent lighting. Allow the entry of as much natural light as possible or replace with LED light bulbs to improve your employees’ moods and reduce your energy costs. You can either position the office workspaces near to windows, or consider installing skylights to increase the amount of natural light available.

Persistent background noise can have a disastrous impact on productivity, and can affect your employees’ moods. If these noises come from electrical office equipment like your own servers, document shredders, or printers, fit noise reducers to these units or move them to an isolated area. Try to isolate unnecessary noise as much as possible to minimise distractions.