Why you should care

These Malaysian dining rooms done by local interior designers showcase amount of potential your dining room has from both a style and practicality perspective.

Dining rooms are a special place for celebratory meals and in Malaysia, its where we serve our amazing spread of local delicacies during festive seasons. It’s a room that is carefully designed and laid, regardless of its style.

When coming up with an interior design or theme for this space, homeowners should always remember to embody their personal style into it whilst making it comfortable and practical. It’s also a good tip to create a space that shows off your finesse and makes your guests feel right at home.

We’ve compiled several dining rooms in Malaysia that have been beautifully designed by local interior designers.

Having your dining room by a large floor-to-ceiling glass is a great way to have an abundance of natural sunlight shining through. This local interior designer kept it fresh with a contemporary modern style.

This project from Kuala Lumpur went with an open-layout floor plan concept that encourages interaction between the kitchen and dining room. This is great for when you have guests over for large dinner parties!

This home in Penang keeps it simple with a minimalistic Scandinavian interior design style, using a white marble tabletop and wooden legs for the table and chairs. They added a touch of greenery by using indoor plants.

Here’s a subtle way to incorporate a modern Asian theme into your dining space using oriental-inspired wood carving feature wall. This style is accentuated with the addition of themed paintings on the adjacent wall.


Take your decor to greater heights by adding a chandelier for a majestic feel. Having a floor-to-ceiling mirror also helps to make the space look bigger and brighter. The marble dining table and velvet chairs add another layer of luxury to this space.

How about taking an unconventional route and going with a pink Scandinavian dining room? The decor is kept to a minimum to compliment the bold wall colour and not overwhelm the space.

Having limited space to work with, the interior designer for this home curated a built-in bench to save space while providing more seating. Decked out with a contemporary chandelier and circular mirrors, the space is not only practical but stylish too.


This dining room incorporated grey hues against wooden furnishings like the rustic wooden table and bench. The interior designer also installed low pendulum lights for a warm atmosphere.

Pop the champagne and dine in pomp and circumstance in this dining room fit for royalty. It has the perfect aesthetics for a grand celebratory meal. From the luxuriously upholstered dining chairs to the ornate lighting, this space has modern classic design written all over it.

This is a picturesque example of what an industrial-chic themed dining room would look like. The interior designer added two chandeliers, plush leather armchairs and faux fur to keep up with the richness of this design. They also took an unconventional approach by mix-matching dining chairs to add character.

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Written by Melanie Abraham

Why you should care

These Malaysian dining rooms done by local interior designers showcase amount of potential your dining room has from both a style and practicality perspective.

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