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17,458 Malaysia Dining Room Architect & Interior Designer Ideas in Malaysia

First step of updating your dining room design is to gather dining room ideas, browse furniture options like dining sets, and collect wallpaper design samples from Malaysia dining room designers on Then determine a style or colour theme that you like and create a concept board. More »

How can I update my dining room design in Malaysia?

If you’re going for a contemporary dining room design, elevate your dining set with cushion dining chairs and a glass dining table, or a marble top dining table. Overhead, place a chandelier or pendant lights. For an industrial dining room or rustic look, get wood dining tables with pin-leg dining chairs. This look is more suitable for small square or round dining tables. As wall decor, consider new wallpaper, art, or a mirror.

Is it important to have a dedicated dining room, or can we eat in the kitchen or living room?

At a glance, the lifestyle of a typical modern family has changed. Most modern homes now embrace open-concept living with multi-functional rooms. Outfitted with modern technology and furniture, many modern kitchens are being used for family get-togethers, entertaining guests, and café-style dining. This is especially the case for smaller homes which do not have dedicated dining spaces, making kitchen dining areas more popular. Ultimately, the decision to have a dedicated dining room depends on cultural norms, lifestyle needs, and the size of the home.

What lighting styles should I use for my dining room?

If you have a spacious dining room, go for a classic chandelier, or improve it by installing a dimmer to enhance the mood of your meals. Warm dining pendant lights provide great ambient lighting while providing overhead illumination for your dining chairs and table which are where the main activities happen. The size of the pendant depends on how much lighting you need - the smaller the pendant, the smaller the area of illumination. Larger pendants have openings at the top and bottom, meaning that light can filter downwards and upwards, highlighting your plaster ceiling designs as well as the dining table beneath.

What do I need to know before renovating my dining room in Malaysia?

Renovations can add value to your home but it is recommended that you do your homework before deciding on renovating your dining room.

Have a Realistic and Organized Budget

Thoroughly plan your budget by itemizing every expense you can think of. Review it with the contractor that you plan to hire and make sure that there are no hidden expenses beyond what is quoted. Also, make sure you can afford the financial commitment of renovating your dining room before you say yes. If there are things you cannot afford, you might want to re-evaluate your chosen materials, fixtures, and furniture.

Hire the Right Dining room Designer in Malaysia

Make sure the dining room designer you hire is reputable, accredited, honest, and an expert in the field. Let him know what your budget constraints and expectations are, so that he will be able to work within them. If you have additional dining room ideas or plaster ceiling designs that you want to include, be sure to inform him as well. Take your time to decide, and don’t hesitate to interview your prospective dining room designers.

Renovations Should Match Your Home

Whatever the style of your home, make sure not to veer too far off when renovating your dining room. The easiest way to avoid this is by ensuring that your dining room colours match the rest of the home.

Safety First

Accidents are common on renovation sites, and you need to be prepared for it. During your initial interview with the contractors, ask them if they are insured and bonded, their safety records, and what steps they take to avoid on-site accidents. Have a first aid kit on hand in case of an emergency, and keep the children or pets away from the renovation area.