The Roof Lifestyle Concept Studio


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40 weeks
Completion Year
USJ , Selangor
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The Roof Studio 11-2, Jalan USJ 10/1G,
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Interior Design Project Info

This shop lot is primarily divided into two core areas based on practical needs

where the front half of the design features a cool, lofty living space while the

back half is given a stimulating atmosphere that is conducive for creative


At the living area, the design combines contrasting industrial and glamorous

elements in a harmonious fusion, resulting in a timeless elegant space.

Taking advantage of its double-volume ceiling and natural lighting, the

designer has styled the gigantic wall panel with gorgeous natural wood

arranged in a diagonal pattern, turning the area into a grand highlight that sets

the tone and welcoming the guests. The kitchen and dining area is furnished

with casual modern pieces maximizing the functional capacity of the design

while sporting a balanced composition of raw materials (cement, exposed

bricks and natural wood), refined finishing (quartz, marble and glossy

surfaces) as well as glamorous decor (crystal chandelier, leather, fur and

mirror). Coated in black paint, this space vibrates a calming mood ideally

matching the comfortable environment that the designer is aiming for.

Sectioned off by a metal folding glass panel, the working area is given a fresh

coat of white paint which is paired beautifully with its light wooden floor to

develop a cheerful atmosphere that is highly stimulating for creative works.

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