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In line with Georgetown Heritage Day, we explore interior design projects that pay homage to Penang’s vibrant history.

Georgetown, Penang is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city boasts a tapestry of architectural wonders, from colonial-era mansions to bustling heritage shophouses.

This Georgetown Heritage Day, we take a closer look at interior design projects that pay tribute to Penang’s vibrant history. By blending traditional architectural elements with modern design principles, these projects create harmonious spaces that respect the past and look to the future. 

1. Macalister Mansion

Design by: Chaos Design Studio

This revived heritage mansion on Jalan Macalister is the first Malaysian hotel to join the prestigious Design Hotels brand. The design and renovation involved converting a part of the Reception area into a Lobby with Old English vibes, incorporating modern and classic elements.

The hotel also features eight distinctive rooms, a multi-purpose room, restaurants, and bars, all reflecting luxury and colonial charm. Look out for the intricate and stunning details like a reflective mirror ceiling, marble architrave, and antique-inspired brass signage.

2. Auntie Gaik Lean’s Old School Eatery

Design by: NEVERMORE

Formerly a jewellery shop, this makeover project was inspired by Auntie Gaik Lean’s culinary legacy and Peranakan heritage. Some of the key features include a royal blue colour scheme, a custom-made solid wood bar counter, and intricate Peranakan panels.

The renovation preserved the old-school charm by retaining the existing heritage floor tiles and refreshing the facade with royal blue paint. Plus, the addition of original props from the “Crazy Rich Asians” movie set adds a glamorous touch to the VIP dining room!

3. The Return at CAMPUR

Design by: Mues Design

CAMPUR is a cafe that blends heritage and exuberance, featuring eye-catching breeze block walls and a vibrant pop of colour! The space takes on a blend of classic, Asian, and retro themes that come together harmoniously to create a charming cafe.

The breeze block walls add a beautiful, patterned aesthetic that harks back to the 60s. The design emphasizes simplicity and heritage, transforming the space into a popular tourist spot with a vibrant red breeze block exterior.

4. Modern Hotel

Design by: NEVERMORE

Nestled in three historical shophouses, Modern Hotel combines original charm with modern design. The refurbished buildings feature traditional windows and clean, minimalist interiors, offering stylish comfort for the discerning traveller.

Each room flaunts calming neutral hues that offer stylish comfort and rest from the city’s buzzing outdoors.

5. Sup’ Hey Milk Tea

Design by: Leed Interior Design & Build Sdn Bhd

Although located 30 minutes outside Georgetown, Sup Hey Milk Tea features a retro-inspired design celebrating Penang’s 70s and 80s vibe. Picture warm colours on the walls, geometric floor tiles, and comfy chairs upholstered in funky prints.

Vintage pendant lamps and Penang-themed murals complete the picture, while upbeat music from the era transports you back in time. The overall ambience is warm, inviting, and full of nostalgia, perfect for reminiscing about childhood or experiencing a slice of the city’s vibrant past.

6. 得閒飲茶 YumCha Tea Parlour

Design by: Dare Solution

Nestled in a post-war heritage shophouse, this charming cafe exemplifies modern oriental design infused with historical charm. Its interiors are adorned with dark peacock green hues, complemented by aged wooden materials and classical mosaic tiles that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Locally hand-woven wicker furnishings add to the ambiance, while vibrant red accents punctuate the space, highlighting the beauty and sophistication of the modernized oriental aesthetic.

These projects showcase the beauty of Penang’s heritage while integrating contemporary design elements, creating spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you find yourself in Penang, explore these incredible transformations that honour the past while embracing the future.

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Why you should care

In line with Georgetown Heritage Day, we explore interior design projects that pay homage to Penang’s vibrant history.

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