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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

Design Vision & Concept
This project was a conversion of residence to a modernized Buddhist temple. The anchor concept for our design was “Modern Chinese Minimalistic”. With our design, we hope that we can break away from existing impressions of temples and reach out to the younger generation, creating a space where people will gravitate to due to the aesthetics, calmness, and spirituality. Ultimately, we aim to provide a comfortable and yet aesthetically pleasing space where teachings can be shared and lives, enlightened.

Aesthetic Qualities
The design utilized clean white colours and open spacing. To balance out the stark white designs, wooden elements were incorporated, softening the feel of the entire temple. Adhering to the Modern Chinese Minimalistic concept, we used clean lines and simple lighting to create a space which exudes calmness. The lighting were all indirect casts of yellow lights which can give people an embracing feel for them to completely relax within this space.

Functionality & Quality
The challenging part about this space which we designed is creating a meeting room. The client intended to carve out a space for discussions but at the same time, we did not want to compromise the aesthetics and overall calm vibe. Hence, our team designed it as a tea room where people can brew tea while discussing matters of importance. With this, the space is now softened out and presents as a space where people exchange communication rather than just a meeting room.

Innovation & Originality
A Chinese yet modern concept is rare in our current demographics. To enhance the “Chinese” aesthetics, we utilized Chinese calligraphy wall decoration, bonsai trees and long octagonal window designs. Whereas the modern touch are the minimalist furniture which includes both wooden tones and cement. With that, we have achieved a fresh new design which successfully incorporates traditional Chinese elements.

Environmental Sustainability
Majority of the rooms in this unit are open and shared spaces. Moreover, the geographical location of this unit provides good airflow. With that, we can achieve optimal ventilation without relying solely on air conditioning. To complement the modern design, we also utilized a lot of large panel windows which can exude open and embracing vibes. That also gave us a lot of natural light so the client would not require high usage of lighting for illumination.

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