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Every success story started with a dream. Almost all good dreams start in your bedroom, a place you want to unwind in.

In this peaceful master bedroom, the gorgeous slab headboard brings in a contrasting edge and an earthy feel. We love how this contrasts with the more traditional elements in this room.

And of course, smart storage is essential in a bedroom. A walk-in-wardrobe like this one is a great option. Symmetrical design details bring balance to the room. Glass sliding doors offer functionality and ability to conceal clothing. Dark teak finish lends a masculine look. A built-in center island allows for superior organization. Last but not least, smart lighting is a guaranteed way to make your bedroom look and feel as fresh as a 5-star hotel room.

When it comes to great bathroom design, the inspiration is endless. Here, the walls and floor, sheathed in White marble, give drama to the bathroom of this mansion. Once you see the symmetrical pattern of this natural marble behind the bathtub, u can’t unsee it. Above all else, a bathroom needs to be clean and tidy. But it doesn't need to be purely functional, especially if you appreciate a nice atmosphere for bubble baths or mirror selfies.

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