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8 weeks
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Pronounced as ‘Gen No’ meaning The Origins in Japanese, the concept for this 1350sqft show unit condo for Sunway Floral project dwells on designing for a holistic living lifestyle in aspects from visual, emotional and functional. It is about going back to the Origins of Wellbeing and living how one desires. As one journeys through the show unit it unfolds the story of a working professional Gen-Y who lives here in urban Kuala Lumpur with her passion in art and enjoys quality time at home with her young family, pet cats, crafts macrame and entertaining friends over matcha tea. Through the use of a rich palette of graphic lines, organic curves in contrast with bold colors like chic pastels, Matcha tea green and Japanese ceramic inspired earth colours we wanted to recreate and redefine what are healthy and happy spaces to nurture the urban soul.
As one steps through the entrance one is greeted with an 18 feet long kitchen counter cum tea designed in a bold and contrasting palette of sage green mosaics, dark green tones, terracotta red and blush colors. Ample of cabinet storage and display shelfs are designed to feature Japanese ceramic plates displays and bamboo tea whisk collections to create the matcha café ambience, keeping the owner in line with lifestyle trends. With a focus on creating a flexible and interactive space to chill or entertain, this area is for the owners to indulge in his Matcha tea drinks, to both detox and enjoy quiet moments at home and also to entertain for home gatherings. To maximize interaction with friends the counter paired with blush pink bar chairs connects visually and spatially to the living area designed with boldly colored chic poufs and a cosy sofa and to the 8-pax dining area. This creates a cosy yet spacious entertaining space even for private chef home parties which is a rising trend now.
A long feature wall in light wood trellis wraps the living space on one side keeping the language minimalistic yet visually interesting with the interplay of curves, lines and lightings. This feature wall extends from the entrance to living to create a seamless feel and to make the living room appear larger. A contrast of textures like linear lines, rough stone textures and timber veins juxtaposed with bold and sweet pastel colored furnitures. Colors used are influenced from modern Japanese ceramics and pottery as we wanted bold playful colors instead of boring monotones and neutral colors. A contrasting interplay of shapes like rectangular mosaics with curves are used to create interesting and bold visual points.
This apartment comes with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a wet kitchen cum laundry. A multipurpose room cum Craft Room is designed instead of a bedroom to feature the flexibility of space. With a focus on Me-time and Me-space here the owner spends weekends chilling with her hobbies of macrame, flower pressing and scrapbook making or just enjoying family bonding times. When needed it can be converted to a guestroom or home office. Ample of storage cabinets and wall as art spaces are designed as well as a table and work counter for maximized function. We wanted to give emphasis to a balanced organic lifestyle where one focuses on wellness or arts and craft activities and how important small, aptly styled nooks are to one’s souls. Size might not matter and it certainly is about the attention to details to create that sense of original living, of Gen No.

The master bedroom is designed with a more organic palette using natural rattan and wood. An open-concept wardrobe and dresser cum work table segregates the sleep and work zones to enhance privacy yet keeping the space open and spacious The bedroom has a more calming look.The wardrobe continues with the bedhead in a corrugated, curved panel, linen fabric, pink textured walls and white rattan to create a seamless feature wall while keeping the room spacious and uncluttered on the other side.
Lightings are curated by layering the softer ambience concealed lights behind the bedhead and wardrobe and the general ceiling lights. A hand-made rattan lamp hangs to create shadow play off the wall for added visual interest. Lightings are looked at as sculptural pieces at the dining table where the arch shaped lightings continue the curves of the feature TV wall.
Bedroom 2 is designed for her young 4-year-old son with more vibrant colors. A queen-sized bed with a curved yellow upholstered, bedhead and dinosaur themed wall is designed with a mini play area on the floor where there are soft pebble-shaped cushions, a tent canopy and wall book shelves for the child.
The apartment is designed throughout with ample of little green nooks and styled with wall vases filled with plants, dried flowers and pampas leaves. Though there is a lack of garden spaces in apartment living we wanted to bring in greens and florals into the living space for a more holistic and wellbeing living.

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