The Aurum Fenix @ Eco Ardence Aeres


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Interior Design Budget
RM 480,000
24 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 1,600,000
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L Plus R Studio 22-1,block b, zenith corporate park,
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Zenith corporate park Ss 7, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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Interior Design Project Info

"The Aurum Fenix" (Also Defined as Gold Phoenix) .The phoenix can be called the red bird or the fire bird. an immortal bird whose rare appearance is said to be an omen foretelling harmony at the ascent to the throne of a new emperor. It has been an important element of Chinese culture since ancient times. The reason why the designer called the golden phoenix is ​​actually to respond to the element of "transforming evil Chi to Good Chi" from Feng Sui. The phoenix is a symbol of luck. The creature is said to bring auspicious chi both to your life and home. Secondly, to show the magnificent but not turbid temperament of the Phoenix Phoenix. These important elements were fully used in the design of the overall house space. For example, the screens of the entire living room will have sandalwood-colored shutters. The upright lines of these shutters are like phoenix feathers with uneven wood texture arrangement.The lines of each screen are actually hidden doors. The function of the hidden door hides the messy storage cabinets and toilet doors. Of course, this also coincides with the designer's desire to express a design that is both beautiful and functional. The designer cleverly set up a design that looks like a phoenix tail on the overhead light, and these are specially made of stainless steel with gold plating and also meet the requirements from feng sui. In terms of the overall look and feel, the design of the bar fully interprets the essence of the whole design story: "It is like a young girl perched on a rock, with a shining sun hanging in the background, and a phoenix passing overhead" The story of a golden phoenix fully played out.

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