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Deep Rooted Tree also defined as "树大根深" in Chinese Words.
Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and our ancestors are the roots of the tree, we are the body of the tree, and our children and grandchildren are branches and leaves. Therefore, we must connect our tree roots and even raise the roots, so that our family can take root deeply. Life is not eccentric, the heart is not separated from the roots, the roots are not separated from the ancestors, the roots are deep to the ancestors, and the roots are deep and karma. In order to make our family business prosper, we have to look at our minds, are we connected to the roots of our parents? Are we connected with our fathers and ancestors? If the roots of our parents are broken, we and our children will fall down like leaves on the tree, and the fall of the leaves means that we can't catch our children. So we have to help our parents connect the roots of the tree. To achieve roots, but also to grow roots.
Therefore designer used Tree roots as a based concept to represent the deep-rooted feelings of the owner’s family.

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