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Interior Design Budget
RM 800,000
12 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 2,700,000
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81100 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

The industrial design concept is one that is gaining prominence across the residential and commercial spheres as more and more people are finding the raw and edgy finish alluring. Keeping the structures exposed to achieve the slightly ‘unfinished’ aesthetic is considered brave and bold because it is not easy to bare it all yet appear chic and cohesive.

Adopting the industrial concept for their space, stepping inside the interior, and it becomes clear that the founders of Spazehaus wanted that space to reflect their expression of creativity while also serving as an office. Split into two floors, the Spazehaus team have designed the ground floor to be an experiential space where prospective
clients can come in and experience the design for themselves. This stroke of brilliance by Spazehaus kills two birds in one stone – the prospective clients get to view Spazehaus’s work firsthand and the team have transformed the area to mirror the different parts of a home such as living area, bedroom, and kitchen amongst others.

This clever concept paves the way for customers to truly experience a concept or design before it is applied in their home. Using different concepts, materials, textures, and colours in different parts of the space lends authenticity to the space and the designs while still being seamless with the industrial theme. Using dark notes for their walls and floorings, the accompanying furniture all carry lighter notes for contrast and brightness. Taking the stairs, we go up to the first floor where the office is sited and the striking point to note is how the industrial design has been seamlessly and creatively followed through here as well. The space with its concrete, exposed walls should exude a sterile environment but here it conveys warmth and the potted plants also add a spot of nature to the space.

Sizzling in hot red for attention, the vertical details lined up at the façade, welcoming patrons in audacity, flagging customers to be ever-ready for the spicy dishes. With a variety of seat arrangement to choose, patrons could roam around to either sit at the bench-seating, loose seats or the bar table. Housing for a larger group, a funky, almost private semicircular red-stripped booth, decorated with floral motifs, sits in the midst of the open-space layout; reassuring somewhat a close-up party below the sparkly, sculptured cylindrical light fixtures. On the contrary, the private room has a distinct approach. Extravagant in a lavish spread, the grand chandelier swings down towards the marble table set for eight, cushioned in brown velvet chairs, while the glass doors reveals the surrounding, donned in blue Victorian intricate, combined with Eastern motifs drawn on the wallpaper and tiles.

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