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Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 50,000
4 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 370,000
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Interior Design Project Info

A warm, cozy ambience is achieved in this simple yet effectively welcoming abode house. Right from the foyer, the design ethos of this home is established. Functional storage units that are pleasing to the eye greets you alongside minimalistic decorations such as the vases that spell out “HOME.” Functionality is clearly a focus in this home with the mini shelf that is perfect for housing and organizing car keys or a hat or two. A painted curvilinear design on the wall frames this space excellently, wrapping everything together neatly.

From the get-go, the designers have crafted a minimalistic Nordic scheme that evokes tranquility and comfort. To reflect the lifestyle and personality of the owner, the simple and sweet Nordic concept was selected. This simplistic haven has been suitably dubbed “Home Is Where The Heart Is,” a spirit that really can be found here. The main living space of the home includes both the dining area and the living room. Despite being minimal, the dining space manages to be stylish with carefully selected elements. Intricate wall art and trendy painted arches in muted taupe creamy shades add intrigue to the wall and help to define the dining space, separating it conceptually with the living area. Shelves on the wall display personal paraphernalia that add a touch of character.

The white and brown scheme works perfectly to create a soothing atmosphere and an attractive and clean visual. No frills and no extravagant fanciness is needed – going back to basics, the designers showcase their excellent foundation in design in this residence. Simple plants such as the potted bonsai adds this Zen vibe to the space while also adding pops of life and colour. Minimalistic and attractive wall art is also equipped to add some intrigue and to reflect the interests of the inhabitants. Loose décor is also something that the designers selected, so that it doesn’t make the space feel too stiff and instead truly like a home.

Detail is added in the kitchen through marble details in the countertop and the backsplash. Using marble with wide veins helps to keep the minimalistic aesthetic of the space. Light brown wood is used here once again, creating a sense of completion and cohesiveness throughout this home. It’s easy to misunderstand minimalistic design as something that is easy. Yet, basic and simple designs such as the one from this lovely home can be harder than more decorative areas, as there is an openness here that reveals all the details of a designer’s work to the naked eye. However, the talented Spazehaus team has proven their expertise, flexibility and keenness to understand clients through this home where the heart belongs.

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