Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 2,400,000
24 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 8,000,000
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Interior Design Project Info

Designed for a fast growing electrical products and accessories company, this office space challenges traditional work style with its contemporary influences. This office space was converted from a building that is over 20 years old.

When designing a space, it’s always crucial to determine its inhabitants and purpose. The same is true for commercial projects. It’s important to take note of the business itself. ACO Group is a fast-growing electrical products and accessories company based in Johor Bahru. The office is intended to house 70 staff members. Knowing this, the interior designers are able to create a space that is fitting to the style of the company. The designers wanted to design a space that challenged traditional work styles. Instead, it wanted to encourage interactions amongst employees while elevating the brand identity of ACO Group. The new layout thus had an open office concept with open desks and more space for collaborations.

This 18,000-square-feet space features unique materials such as a PU stone wall panel, wood slab wall panel, glass bricks, and Vesari texture paint. There is certainly a bunch of dynamic textures at play in this building to add intrigue. The colour palette consists of blacks, whites, and some beige. A modern dark minimalist aesthetic can be found here, with pops of green from plants to add liveliness to the chic and luxe workplace.

Everything from the filing cabinets to the lighting fixtures seems to be minimalistic, which is preferable for an office to prevent a cluttered look. However, the designers are still able to inject a refreshing bit of fun by playing with things such as the checker upholstered chairs and unique napkin dispenser in the shape of a face found in one of the common areas. More than an office, the designer creating a work environment that is professional, chic and lively at the same time.

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