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Interior Design Budget
RM 500,000
10 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 1,200,000
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81100 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

The homeowners wished to design a luxurious retreat that is affordable and modern, a style that is the current trend in the home furnishing industry. A take between Luxury and Simplicity, it takes on the opulence of stately palatial homes of royalty while keeping the details trendy and minimalistic. A place of gathering, the large communal open space is dressed in white and segregated with built-in fixtures and cabinetry. Wainscoting and polished brass strips give the living room an air of elegance as it faces the porcelain white marble effect encased within the hanging tv cabinet and reflective glass display.

Lining the wall to give the illusion of space, the Olefin sofa is matched with a wool rug of the same material and livened with the custom-made coffee table of fillet and brass. Completing its Affordable Luxury design is a singular Retro Globe Drop wall lamp that adds to a touch of glass while aiding the track lights to brighten this space. Further down the space, the walls are covered with black spray-painted timber strips and mirrors to conceal the powder room and storage space. A reflection understated glam, the built-in bookshelf features beige wood strips and polished brass door frames that is repeated in the minimalist dining table and chairs. Fitted with golden jade marble and rose beige leather chairs, it flows into the white stone island and serving hatch with is surrounded by perforated glass and black metal frames. Offering up a sophisticated yet romantic ambience, the traditional kitchen cabinets are fully white to maximise lighting and ensure an airy space while preparing meals for the family.

Venturing up the stairs, one can peep into the sunroom that is used as a study. Simple and minimalistic, it uses dark wood shelving and cabinets that create a deep contrast with the white walls and full natural light. Moving with the herringbone wood flooring, it gives texture to the elegant master bedroom along with the wainscoting walls. Creating a unique yet understated feature wall, the dusty pink headboard and white marble wall catches the
eye and adds colour to this pastel space. The bedside tables are each unique, where one is in dusty pink leather and polished brass while the other is wall-mounted and simple. To provide a sense of privacy for the changing area, wood panels perched on marble create a room divider while housing its flat screen television. In this cosy area, the full-length black mirror adds a harmonious contrast in colour beside its see-through wardrobe and polished brass frame. This mirror also doubles up as a hidden door which opens into a brightly lit walk-in changing room. Modern scale crowned chandelier provides most of the illumination while petite golden handles and knobs give a touch of class to this fully white space. The master bathroom however takes a turn by going significantly darker in colour palette. The plain porcelain beige tiles are made interesting with raw wood cabinetry and grey marble tiles that create a segregation of space usage. With a unique design language, it shows its just right refined aesthetics and life philosophy.

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