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8 weeks
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RICE Design Sdn Bhd Wisma SP Setia, Level 2,
No.0218, Jalan Indah 15, Taman Bukit Indah,
81200 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
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Someday have you been gripped by the urge to lie under the stars and admire the sky and the space beyond it which holds mysterious allure. The intergalactic theme is unique theme and not easily found in most residential or commercial projects but as of late more individuals are opting for the interstellar theme that can be interpreted in myriad ways. Some of the elements that are deeply connected to the space theme are lighting, furniture, ceiling, and even decorative accessories. Previously, a small fishing village facing toward Johor Straits but now it houses an entertainment hub, The Star Galaxy. The geometric pattern on the exterior is a precursor to what awaits guests as they step into the hub. The stones penetrate both inner and outer space while the cracking gaps extended from the canyon is akin to a gully on the rock wall. These elements create a novel experience of walking from the cave to the canyon. From afar, the building appears as a docked spaceship. Once inside, one would feel as if they have traversed time to be in a space that resembles the interior of a spaceship. When you look up, the futuristic ceiling transports one into a Star Wars movie. With a huge raised platform that serves as a stage for deejays to strut their skills and perhaps performances to take place and screens that project, the ground floor is where most of the actions take place. At one area of the entertainment hub is the bar area that could transport one to a local pub with its exposed brick wall, and a well-stocked bar area. Split into two flours, the first floor has segmented and private areas that is perfect for a group of friends to party or even have celebrations. The sections with pool table too are noteworthy for its futuristic furbishing where neon drop lights allude to a sense of mystery and cosmic interference. Simple arrangements, brilliant lighting choices coupled with the mystery of the interstellar space makes Galaxy Star a place to be for a fun night out.

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