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8 weeks
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RICE Design Sdn Bhd Wisma SP Setia, Level 2,
No.0218, Jalan Indah 15, Taman Bukit Indah,
81200 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
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The moon has been a mysterious place worth exploring since ancient times. The design concept is sought to explode the taste, the space and the feeling. Hence, “Looking for the thinking become the basis design at the beginning.”
Moonlight is closely related to its design inspiration - the moon. Its theme is to highlight the depths of the night and the mysteries of the universe. The walls are painted with sandblasting and mix with some golden line bar, in order to connecting the spaces with different atmospheres and details. Materials used in the interior design vary by space – sheet metal that imparts luster, dark woods thoughtfully selected, rattan to block isolation, decorative moon chandeliers, and velvet upholstery furniture in several shades of elegant.
Great importance is the luminous atmosphere created by the multi-level light intensity, hidden light sources and well-designed lamps in the design. The central main counter is the main body of the shop, with set of moons hanging customize lighting shape from it. Behind, is just the simple sandblasting wall to outstanding the moonlight. What this evokes is the deep and magical emotion of the starry night.

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