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6 weeks
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RICE Design Sdn Bhd Wisma SP Setia, Level 2,
No.0218, Jalan Indah 15, Taman Bukit Indah,
81200 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

The project is located in Eco Business Park. After examining the site conditions, the designer made full advantage of the floor height and open space and created a three-dimensional city-like indoor playground. The entrance space is arranged in the form of a passageway, and the arch shape lines form a quadrilateral, which strengthens the entrance feeling and the sense of form.

This is a fantasy paradise hidden in a garden. The designer brought in the most beautiful spring colours, the most vibrant flowers and plants in full bloom into the space, and the castles made of flowers come into view. Soft and colourful colours paint the most spring-like scenery, which lifts visitors’ mood. Sheer curtains softly cascade down the store’s perimeter, meeting the rocky white face of scattered marble plinths. Raw materials ground the design, mirroring the company’s focus on “fully exposed natural ingredients”.

Balanced approach weaves together solid, monolithic forms with soft, delicate materials. Elements sit incongruent to one another, however somehow still manage to speak in a unified language. Matt coloured white counters and display shelves enable interplay of light and shadow, injecting a sense of movement within the space. A display shelf’s contorted form, reminiscent of the flexible body of an accordion, stretches across the store. Its unique geometry elevates the simple experience of selecting a product, bringing interest to every customer interaction.

The carousel is ornately decorated with brilliant lights. For children, it is a paradise-like dream facility, which is always so charming; for lovers, the carousel is a romantic love resort, and the gorgeous and eye-catching colours under the night sky make lovers fascinated.

They jumped on the horses excitedly, and in the charming lights and cheerful music, with the rotation of the disc, they bumped up and down, and they closed their eyes as if they were riding a flying horse soaring in the air.

Designers use fairy tales to play their imaginations boldly, and use fantasy and romantic elements such as time tunnels, dream castles and merry-go-rounds to create a dreamy fairy tale, so that everyone who enters can become the role of the story.

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