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9 weeks
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RICE Design Sdn Bhd Wisma SP Setia, Level 2,
No.0218, Jalan Indah 15, Taman Bukit Indah,
81200 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
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ARASHI RISE SHABU-SHABU - is a catering restaurant brand that serves Japanese steam hot pot. The ARSHI RISE SHABU-SHABU team wanted to be different from the usual design, designed a unique and impressive new concept space image for ARASHI RISE as one of the important steps to compete with other similar brands.

The design team brought the concept of "ARASHI " into ARASHI RISE, with the concept of mysterious mountains and forests. The main entrance is specially designed with a curved but unique stainless-steel in custom shaped design, and the high of the stainless-steel panel is also specially required at the certain level, in order not to affect the spectacular scenery behind it. Relying on the stainless-steel panel, the cement planted box and the warm lights interspersed in the main space, the concept of mountains and forests is brought out at different levels. It likes the frost of the earth, the little stars in the starry sky, and the artistic conception of the jungle; the perceptual and rational perceptions are just right to be neutralized.

The dining area is surrounded by greenery, and the tables and chairs are neatly arranged, creating a relaxed dining atmosphere. Green plants become a bridge connecting the inner and outer spaces. The huge chandelier makes the foreground and perspective of the whole space more layered, clear and transparent, and the theme of fusion of nature and mystery is sublimated.

Therefore, the "mysterious fog" is integrated into the design of the Japanese mountain forest, and the combination of these two styles brings a mysterious taste and visual feeling to the user experience.

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