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28 weeks
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10470 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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'Lusso,' directly was named to encapsulate #TheTeamOfDS latest assignment. Inspired by the opulence of a luxury resort, no expense has been spared in crafting a space that exudes grandeur and pleasure. A meticulous selection of materials, a rich palette of dark hues, and strategically placed mood lighting work in harmony to create an environment that not only intrigues but also soothes the senses, leaving homeowners thoroughly gratified.

Upon entering the living area, one is immediately drawn to a captivating blend of textures and tones, starting with dark multigrain wood panels that play harmoniously against the sleek white marble. The combination of these wall textures creates a visual feast that is further complemented by the intricate fabric of the throw pillows and the grey skinrock panel serving as a backdrop for the sofa, infusing a down-to-earth sensibility into the space. Golden brown herringbone wooden tiles add both dynamic movement and a vibrant touch of colour, all while staying within the same refined colour palette.

Continuing into the open concept dry kitchen with its wooden panelled ceiling, the focal point is the seamlessly integrated island table that effortlessly connects with the dining table. Both tables feature a sophisticated Cosentino top. A Kartell table lamp subtly graces the former, providing a soft source of illumination, while a row of Random pendant lamps by Lodes adorns the latter, with its surface reflecting light to create a sparkling effect amidst the surrounding darkness. The marbled backsplash, with its captivating, irregular design, combined with the tinted doors of the top cabinet that allow silhouettes of items to gently permeate through, collectively form a mesmerizing work of art.

Along the hallway, lined with elegant Red Elm veneers which is low in formaldehyde and TVOC with SG Green Label certified and Grade-1 Flame retardant, you'll reach the master bedroom. Cloaked in shades of grey, it exudes an air of refined intimacy. The Rain pendant lights by Lodes, hanging dramatically lower, contribute to a cozier atmosphere. A vanity mirror, strategically positioned between two slabs of meticulously matched black marble, adds an elevated touch of sophistication. This same marble is thoughtfully repeated in the walk-in wardrobe, brought to life with strips of LED lights. In stark contrast, the private office exudes a bold, masculine, and distinctly classy ambiance, with black-and-white marbles quietly taking the spotlight. On the other hand, the guest bedroom offers a refreshing, calming oasis, swathed in serene white tones, providing a striking departure from the cozy darkness found elsewhere.

In its most refined manifestation, this residence bestows contentment and indulgence upon its inhabitants, catering to those who seek a superior standard of living.

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