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20 weeks
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10470 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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VOLNA design concept was inspired to achieve an aesthetically functionable with a calm and soothing ambiance home suited for the family where they resides in the centre of the busy city in Penang island, with magnificent skyline view of city lights, seas and mountains.

First impressions of a home usually take place in the entryway, this space has undergone a transformation to create a inviting synergy yet functional to the homeowners. They are the first space to collapse your belongings and easily quickly cluttered, hence we have designed the entryway to accommodate hidden storages and doors that is functional yet pleasing to those that meets the eye.

Monochrome living and dining rooms are timeless. Classical ambiance that embraces the lighting of early morning and late afternoon was created by the neutral tones of the furnishings and fixtures. A bold chandelier classical feature over the dining table creates a delicate marriage of light and line, this composition seeks to exude a comfortable but dynamic sense of modernity.

Kitchen is one of the most heavily used and lively areas of a home. The kitchen was strategically re-layout to an approach of open kitchen concept to create a roomier space. A kitchen island allows additional storages and preparation worktops for the homeowners to work with. Layering the kit kat tiles backsplash contrasting with the wooden cabinet doors gives a visual impact, adding dimension and depth. A statement hanging light rods above the kitchen island elevates the ambiance of the kitchen when night falls.

The bedroom is the sanctuary, a space of serenity and comfort, where homeowners can unwind and relax. We have decided on neutrals and cool shades of white wall beading panels to give off a sense of calmness and relaxation incorporating hints of gold accents and marble dresses the bedroom in style and modernity.

#TheTeamOfDS has pay very close attention into client's needs and living lifestyle in designing, adding personal touches to the space in hopes of bringing their dream home to life by factoring materials (laminate and veneer) which are both certified Green Label Singapore for low emissions and low toxicity to promote a healthier and safer environment to stay in.

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