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36 weeks
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Design Dept Level 18.2, Menara Lien Hoe
No.8, Persiaran Tropicana
47410 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
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The vision – to create a sensational French and Japanese fusion dining experience in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's bustling Publika, where wine and champagne shine as stars that beautifully complement a gourmet feast. A sensational dining atmosphere that caters to diverse occasions; a romantic rendezvous, a leisurely family meal, or a memorable night out with friends.

La Fleur's design concept is an elegant dance between tradition and innovation, embodying the philosophy of refining established traditions, then adding a contemporary twist to it.

Curves and Character: La Fleur's Stylish Red Brick Revamp
La Fleur is the stunning raw red brick that wraps around the restaurant and adorns its walls and ceilings – a nod to the rustic authenticity of classic architectural aesthetics. This curvature adds a modern-contemporary architectural flair.

La Fleur's Elegant Wine Selection: A Celebration of Fine Wine
Wine lovers will find themselves at home at La Fleur thanks to its extensive wine selection – a hallmark of a quality French eatery. An artful wall painting of wine barrels along the side of the restaurant gives off a rustic French winery ambience without any space wastage.

The indoor dining area comes alive with a soft, ambient glow emanating from illuminated wine displays that ascend to the ceiling. Elegantly recessed into the walls, they not only showcase the breadth of La Fleur’s collection but also contribute to the overall aesthetic by adding a touch of sophistication to the atmosphere.

An Artful Mix: La Fleur's Unique Furniture and Soft Finishings
La Fleur's design thrives at the intersection of tradition and modernity that’s also evident in its furniture and soft furnishings. Vibrant orange accent pillows grace powder-coated black frames, set against thickly woven grey fabric.

Inside, monotone single-seaters and love seats accompany wooden tables, while plush velvet bar stools and armchairs in muted colours add opulence to the bar area. Each piece, with its unique style and character, contributes to a cohesive interior, showcasing a perfect balance of classic and contemporary aesthetics.

Designing for Ambience: Fluted Wood counters and Herringbone Wood Flooring
La Fleur's main workstation features fluted wood panelling highlighted by LED strip lighting that creates a visually appealing focal point. The bar counter mirrors the main workstation's design with fluted wood, with the addition of feature tiles around the base for a functional and eye-catching twist. The herringbone patterned wood flooring in the bar area is a design choice that adds warmth, beauty, and timeless elegance.

A Parisian Escape: The Heart of Romance
La Fleur's bar area serves as a magical gateway to a Parisian wonderland. Enjoy a drink on comfortable velvet seats in various muted colourways, against a backdrop of an illuminated Eiffel Tower and an elegant lady in a flowing pink gown. This breath-taking scene instantly transports restaurant goers to a night out in Paris, whisking them away from the humdrum of city life and into the romantic embrace of the beloved French capital, renowned as the city of love.

La Fleur's design journey encountered several challenges that demanded innovative solutions. The primary challenge was to unite the design characteristics of two worlds – French and Japanese – while ensuring that wine and champagne remained the unrivalled highlights that complemented the gourmet offerings.

Balancing the luxuriousness of French design and the spareness of Japanese minimalism called for a blend in which the two distinctive styles not only coexist but also complement. At La Fleur, French design elements like exposed brick and velvet upholstery softened the sterility of Japanese minimalism and its clean lines.
Making raw red brick go from raw to refined was also no easy task. The design of curved brick corners presented the team with technical complexities, but the decision to push forward was made to modernise the space, yielding compelling results.

Creating space for an extensive wine display without overwhelming the restaurant was another hurdle. The delicate balance between showcasing the wine selection and maintaining a spacious, elegant ambience was achieved with recessed wine racks that also illuminate the space.

Ensuring a tasteful fusion of contrasting but complimentary colours demanded meticulous planning. The result is a modern, stylish, and tasteful palette that doesn't clash but enhances the overall aesthetic.

In essence, the design concept at La Fleur embodies the philosophy of taking established traditions, whether in architecture, interior design, or culinary heritage, and refining them with a contemporary twist. It's an artful dance between the time-honoured and the avant-garde, creating an atmosphere that is familiar yet refreshingly new, culminating in a unique and memorable dining experience.

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