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14 weeks
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No. 74-2, Jalan BS 1/1, Pusat Perniagaan Olive Hill,
Taman Bukit Serdang, Seksyen 1,
43300 Others
Selangor, Malaysia
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This unit nestled in the vibrant heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, stands a remarkable transformation of this 22' x 70' house, a 45-year-old intermediate single-storey landed house, originally erected in 1978.

The requirements of client was the well space planning, the infusion of natural light, and the integration of Japandi elements into every facet of the home. Soothing neutral color palette was applied in this house, embracing earthy tones of light brown, beige, grey, white, and black. These hues seamlessly intertwine with the Japandi aesthetic, bringing tranquility and texture to every corner.

With limited natural light sources at the front and rear doors, we boldly removed two interior walls at between the Dining Area and Kitchen. By replaced the conventional single leaf front door with a foldable door and adorned the Master Bedroom with expansive fixed glass with casement window, these planning not only enhanced the visual expanse but also welcomed copious amounts of natural light, creating an atmosphere of serenity. Nevertheless, also enhance a healthy cross ventilation throughout the house.

Client desire for a generous gathering space capable of accommodating up to 12 people during special festival’s gathering. By ushered in an open-concept dining area and kitchen area, here with a magnificent long Tundra Beige marble table takes center stage, along by a long bench, offering the perfect stage for memorable gatherings.

The Living Area, characterized by its simplicity and functionality, features a TV console that maximizes storage potential. To distinguish it from the Dining Area, we introduced a pivot door, subtly expanding the visual boundaries of the Living Area.

Even the entrance to the Master Bedroom underwent a thoughtful transformation. By repurposing the backside of the tall cabinet at dining area and extending the entrance area, we created a vision of spaciousness in this room.

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