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12 weeks
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No. 74-2, Jalan BS 1/1, Pusat Perniagaan Olive Hill,
Taman Bukit Serdang, Seksyen 1,
43300 Others
Selangor, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

This house is a high-rise condominium unit that located in bustling city. With the limited space and in order to fulfil client requirement which is more storage place, space planning was the first and also the main consideration when started to design this house. With designing of open space for the Island to dry kitchen to dining table and to living, the smooth flow of the space planning that reduce the obstruct in the house. It became more convenient to be interspersed in different areas. By abundant the usage of space, the cabinet design was designed as oneness from dry kitchen and all the way to living area.

In order to avoid the sense of violate, the evident wooden strip line was designed on the door panel & cabinet, it remains the element of contemporary style at this house. Hidden door is attached with wooden strip panel to distinguished dry kitchen and wet kitchen. Bottom of wet kitchen hidden door was in line with the dry kitchen table top that to present the sleek and neat of the house.

One layer of sheer curtain was applied in living area that allows the natural sunlight from balcony goes into living area and illuminates the other spaces. Apart from this, it allows the owner to enjoy their city view when sitting in living area.

With the black highlighted wooden stripe panel that designed on ceiling to cabinet, it elongated visual effect for the house and bring out a sense of unity. Meanwhile, the wooden strip had distinguished the open space area of dining area with living area.

To keep the rooms from looking monotonous, the study room and children room was painted with children’s wall art and joyful color. In order to express the fascination of the room and must be attract the attention of children, the wall art play an important role in it. This helps to allow children to have their own space and develop their independent character to sleep in their own.

To create the calm atmosphere in master bedroom, we applied a combination of dark color with gold element to bring a calm and luxury vibe.

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