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Flour Restaurant is a dialogue between past and present, preserving many original architectural details of the 1950’s bungalow and combining old and new elements to create a unique dining experience. The main challenges in this design came from adapting the existing structure of the house to fit the modern programs, functional needs, aesthetic, and branding requirements of a french inpired indian cuisine fine-dining restaurant.
Using a play of juxtaposed, contrasting forms, textures and colours, we adapted the existing structure to fit the modern functional needs, aesthetic, and branding requirements of Flour restaurant. As this is the second branch for the client Inspired by the vibrant and rich food concept of the Flour menu, whose brief had called for a 'rebirth' of their first branch we wanted to create a space which is about offering patrons varying dining experiences and themed private rooms while unfolding a story behind the space. Juxtaposing textures, materials and colors are utilised throughout the design. While keeping with as much of the original façade as possible, we strip and redesign the internal architectural space, opening up the walls to create a more open foyer and main dining area, and at the same time creating different nooks to generate different dining experiences.
Upon arriving at Flour restaurant you’ll step into a long, black, marble arched wall before moving into the mini foyer and vast dining area adorned with rich, coffered ceilings and bronze chandeliers. The dining area design allows patrons shared and private dining experiences, as well as an exclusive look into the Chef’s Podium where diners can view the chef and his team preparing their dishes for the evening.
The private dining rooms have each been designed with individual features whilst staying true to the overall design. Dining Room 1 is accented with black and dark paneling while Dining Room 2 has a charming white and pastel pink stone wall.
The Private Loft (Dining Room 3) on the first floor has been transformed from an ex-butler bedroom and storeroom. Designed in a classic concept of white washed textured walls, light scones and white wall panellings and herringbone timber floors this area is designed as a private dining room to increase yet another dining experience offered by the restaurant. Here the roof is designed with a glass skylight entirely with an automated roof blinds. On good weathered days nights one can dine under the stars while admiring majestic night views of Kuala Lumpur and the nearby TRX while on a hot day one can draw the roof blinds to avoid the heat. This room can fit 2 long tables of 20-pax in total which makes it perfect for small to medium scaled events and private parties.
What used to be the external storeroom and living is transformed into a courtyard style glass house dining room with monochromatic colours, Art Deco detailing, black and white checkered floors and white paneled walls; all tied together by a bespoke glass roof. It features glass paneled doors that separate the main dining space to a semi-alfresco nook and side garden.
Details of the original architecture were reworked in the new building, including reassembling the exterior paneling and engineering new roof trusses for more efficient loading. The original Malabar terracotta roof was carefully stripped and reused in the new design, and the existing columns were maintained and designed in fluted cladding of white and gold to blend in with the new interior.
Flour is equipped with numerous sustainability features for a comfortable dining environment with a reduced carbon footprint. With a holistic approach, the multi-disciplinary design team considered all elements of landscaping and interiors within the architecture plans. Many of the original timber framed windows were preserved and refurbished while the surrounding landscaping such as old Banyan trees were maintained as part of the drop off design. Natural materials such as marble pieces in its raw state were also used like unique art pieces throughout the restaurant. New materials are juxtaposed into the old in a mix and match, contrasting approach to create a story, for example a long feature wall is cladded in a pink onyx which contrasts with black granite and the existing lime plastered wall.
The existing spiral concrete staircase was the starting point to which we designed, and it became a focal point as the new design grows from it. The rough textured plastering of the stairs is maintained while new timber frames are proposed to add in as extra capping for additional safety. The individual pieces add to the dialogue of the space, each with its own interesting story about where it comes from or how it was made.
Through combining history, design and cuisine, Flour is ultimately a place of rebirth. Whilst simultaneously reviving an exceptional architectural space, the restaurant cultivates a place of renewal that elevates the dining experience for its patrons.

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