"Essence of Home: Where Dreams Take Shape and Unity Prevails"


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59000 Bangsar
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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In this innovative design concept, we place the homeowners at the heart of everything, delving deep into their dreams, desires, and needs. Every design choice is made with careful consideration, aiming to craft a home that truly belongs to them.

This family, initially consisting of four members, started their journey in a small service apartment. The father built his success from scratch and eventually purchased a villa at Pavilion Hilltop Mont Kiara. They chose a ground-floor villa with attached swimming pool facilities because their daughter and son love to swim and enjoy the bustling, vibrant environment.

The homeowners long for a distinctive home, a space that seamlessly merges tranquility with vitality and comfort with excitement. In the living room, a black and gray tabletop football table isn't just a source of entertainment; it represents the family's laughter, friendship, and unity. It's more than a gaming area; it where familial emotions converge, allowing the homeowners to relax and unwind with their family.

Understanding the mother's need for efficient storage due to her playful children, we ingeniously incorporated hidden storage into the home decor. Every closet and shelf are meticulously designed to store toys, books, and daily necessities, saving space and preserving the family's tidiness.

A dedicated Ferrari room, a unique request from the homeowners, mirrors their childhood dreams. Every detail in this room pays homage to the homeowner's unwavering pursuit of childhood dreams and passions. It's not just decoration; it represents his commitment to a high-quality life.

Throughout the entire home, we've integrated elements of speed and teamwork to resonate with the homeowners' passion for vibrant living. Tabletop football and Ferrari-themed decorations aren't mere embellishments; they symbolize the family spirit, embodying the concepts of speed and teamwork tightly interwoven with family life. These decorations provide not only visual delight but also echo the family's life philosophy.

In the guest room, we've created a serene retreat, echoing a resort-like ambiance for the homeowners' parents' visits. Warm wooden tones and soft linens create a cozy, comforting space. Natural light, wooden furnishings, and subtle greenery enhance the tranquility, offering cherished guests a harmonious blend of modern luxury and natural simplicity.

This home is designed from the homeowners' perspective, creating a space filled with emotion and warmth. It's more than just a dwelling; it's where family members gather, sharing beautiful moments together. Our design isn't solely about aesthetics; it's about creating a home that genuinely mirrors the homeowners' unique taste and vitality.

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