"Artistic Fusion: A Picasso-Inspired Elegance"

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50 weeks
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59000 Bangsar
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur within the iconic Troika Residence, this luxurious condominium development, completed in 2010, boasts three glass-clad towers of varying heights that envelop a central park, designed by the renowned architect Lord Norman Foster. Living in Lord Foster's Troika carries a certain cachet, and this architectural masterpiece was a key inspiration for Luxe Interior's meticulously crafted project that showcased the owner's impeccable taste in design and art. The apartment itself, spanning approximately 1860 square feet, was in its original state, with a few slightly dated built-ins.

The client, who is no stranger to luxury projects in prime developments, was immediately drawn to Luxe Interior's online portfolio. Set in this singular location, Luxe Interior's mission was clear: to create a home that not only showcased the owner's impressive art collection but also incorporated the finest in Italian design while introducing modern design elements that harmonized with the opulent surroundings.

The transformation journey began with the flooring, where large-cut Volakas marble was meticulously laid to provide a continuous flow of marble patterns with minimal joint lines, radiating brightness and grandeur. This polished finish set the tone for the entire project. Upon entering this artistic haven, one is greeted by feature Buddha statues, which hold personal significance to the client, and a backdrop of dark grey tempered glass that creates a serene yet elevated gateway.

The guestroom became a canvas for design exploration, with imported snakeskin textured wallpaper adding depth and texture to the space, beautifully complementing the contemporary B&B Italia furniture. Technology seamlessly wove into the fabric of the residence, with a smart home system offering control over window treatments, lighting, and air conditioning, allowing for a tailored mood and ambiance at the touch of a button.

However, the true essence of this project lay in the client's profound appreciation for art. The exclusive art collection, inspired by Picasso's masterpieces, became the driving force behind the concept and design. In every corner of this artistic fusion, the spirit of Picasso's creativity resonates, merging with modern elegance. This home is not just a dwelling; it is a testament to the transformative power of art, a sanctuary for those who cherish the union of art and design in their daily lives.

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