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52 weeks
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Formota Sdn Bhd #03-06, Pangsapuri Molek Pulai, Jalan Persiaran Molek
Taman Molek
81100 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

The project begins with a pre-owned house that presents a unique set of challenges. The dividing wall between the living and dining areas creates a sense of enclosure, making the space feel smaller than its potential. Furthermore, the kitchen is constrained by limited space and a lack of natural light. The existing mezzanine floor, while offering additional square footage, but without having any windows, it is enveloped in complete darkness.

The married-couple express a preference for modern European style, with an inclination towards the timeless beauty of natural marble. They value the presence of abundant natural light and wish to create an atmosphere that embraces the joys of cooking in a spacious and fully equipped kitchen. As passionate cat lovers, the design should accommodate their furry companion, providing a harmonious living environment for the family and their four-legged friend. Additionally, the presence of a new born child introduces the need for a nurturing space that caters to the needs of the entire family.

The design prominently features the extensive use of marble, encapsulating the modern European style that the owners favour. Marble not only adds an air of sophistication but also brings a natural and timeless elegance to various elements throughout the space. From the foyer’s wall and flooring, the living room’s TV feature wall to the master bathroom wall upstairs, marble elements are integrated widely in the design. In the staircase area, a striking black marble flooring has been integrated onto the expanded steps, serving as both a functional and aesthetically pleasing informal activity platform. Crafted from an exquisite Turkish green marble, the unique egg-shaped dining table is undoubtedly a masterpiece taking the center stage as the highlight of the house.

Hidden discreetly behind the concealed door next to the dining area, the originally dark, narrow and windowless powder room is transformed into an airy bright space. It has been extended into the backyard space. The addition of skylight and glass block wall allowing more natural light to flood in from the outdoors while mechanical ventilation is implemented to improve the air circulation of the space. In the shower area, the introduction of indoor plants adds a touch of greenery and a serene atmosphere, creating a harmonious connection between the interior and the outdoors. Another concealed zone is to be found at the back of the living area demarcated with SPC floor finish as a dedicated cat zone and kid’s playing area.

The study room has been thoughtfully designed to open up to the backyard, which is dressed up as an outdoor terrace with an integrated planter. As for the kitchen located behind the two panels of fluted glass sliding doors, LED light panels are used extensively to imitate natural skylight for a bright and airy cooking experience. The kitchen is a vision of modern elegance, boasting an all-white aesthetic that's not only stylish but also highly functional. Its marble-inspired quartz countertop and rose-gold drawer pull handles, adds a touch of luxury, elevating both the design and utility of the space.

On the first floor, the walk-in wardrobe is thoughtfully illuminated with an artificial skylight placed at the doorway to the bathroom, bringing a sense of natural lighting and openness to
the space. A dresser facing window is made possible by the creation of a round mirror seemingly inserted into the beautiful grey marble dresser table top.

Moving towards the mezzanine floor, lies a hidden attic accessible with a retractable ladder. Natural light illusion is made possible with a “fake window”, constructed with a configuration of LED light panel plus venetian blind to adjust the light angle. Inside the hidden attic, an all-white color scheme is implemented while featuring a cement textured wall, giving the space an airy and laid-back atmosphere.

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