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Having a themed home isn’t as style constricting as you may think. These Malaysian homeowners own uniquely themed homes that were professionally designed by local interior designers.

When designing your home, you often pick a style or theme that best resembles your home and personality. Often, these themes are interior design styles such as Scandinavian, minimalist, contemporary, and many more. Instead, these homeowners opted for more unique themes that will surely catch your attention.

From futuristic designs to baring it all with nude hues, these homes will inspire your next remodel.

Monochrome Mansion

Black and white is anything but boring in this 526-sq. ft. unit. Despite popular belief that dark hues make a small space seem even smaller, the interior designers behind this project skillfully curated a home that is both spacious and cosy. The home also features a minimalist décor theme that adds to the overall aesthetic of the home.

Year-Round Escape

Flaunting a Balinese theme, this gorgeous contemporary home has an overall calming ambience. As you step into this home, you will feel like you’re being transported to a tropical getaway. Rustic wood ceilings and fixtures are synonymous with Balinese architecture so the interior designer decided to incorporate them into various sections of this home. Apart from the woodwork, they also opted for antique furniture and lush greenery which all come together to create a soothing atmosphere.

Nothing but Nude

This project features a nude colour palette that is used throughout the home. The subtle change in hue and choice of décor give the home a warm and welcoming aura. Our favourite part of this home is the living room where various shades are featured culminating in cosy and stylish space.

All White, Everything

Proving that you don’t always have to play it safe, this residence in Johor Bahru opted for an all-white interior. From classic white marble tiles to white cabinetry and furnishings, we’re amazed by home pristine and put-together this house looks.

Futuristic Feature Walls

Curated to stand out, this condominium unit in Mont Kiara features a variety of striking feature walls. These walls feature 3D sculptures that are well lit, making the home feel like an art gallery. The interior designers opted for this unique feature in order to give the home an opulent yet artsy feel.

Into the Blue

Located in Johor, this homeowner who is an avid diver wanted to bring the ocean into his home. The interior designers didn’t disappoint as they incorporated various details into the home that reflect these four elements – ocean, coast, sun, and warmth. We love how the blue rug in the hall emulates the ocean waves and the warm lights throughout the home depict the sun.

Industrially Chic

The industrial theme is fast becoming a popular design style for many young homeowners. This home proves that industrial doesn’t have to be factory-like. The raw concrete walls and metal structures are softened with the use of warm tones of wood, creating a very homey feel.

Timeless and Classic

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Stepping into this home, you will feel like you’re been taken back in time as it features vintage decorations, neutral hues, and classic furniture. This home has an air of opulence and royalty that just doesn’t go out of style.

One with Nature

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The homeowner and interior designer made sure to emphasise the use of natural material as the brief given for this project was to create a sanctuary in the sky. They envisioned designing a space that features a lot of nature and natural elements. Apart from the stunning vertical gardens, our favourite feature of the home has to be the living room that doubles as a gallery for the family’s best memories.

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Why you should care

Having a themed home isn’t as style constricting as you may think. These Malaysian homeowners own uniquely themed homes that were professionally designed by local interior designers.

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