Standing at 1,778 sq ft, this condo houses a young family of four along with its modern inclinations and Chinese influence. This marriage of Western and Asian aesthetics is exemplary even at first impressions: the open space living-dining area.

While the living area shows off a gorgeous black marble slab for the TV wall, the dining area proudly displays an altar in sleek wooden housing and a framed art piece with Chinese sayings.

According to the director Ho Han Boon of IQI Concept– the creative mind behind this project-this home also plays with the concept of public and private. For instance, the foyer and living-dining area are separated by a door to keep the family area tucked away from the prying eyes of the main entrance. The foyer sits by the main entrance; furnished with a chair, built-in shoe cabinetry, and more Chinese religious accoutrements.

IQI Concept’s design continues to dance between the lines of public and private in the master bathroom. A covert door in the master bedroom leads to the walk-in wardrobe and bathroom. Masked as a wall panel, the door replaces a conventional door and frame to save space, making the room appear more spacious. Inside, a glass panel marks the entrance to the bathroom, creating an openness as the wooden blinds offer privacy, however much or whenever needed. In the same vein, the homeowner’s handbags and garments take pride of place in the floor-length, tinted glass wardrobe that keeps them semi-veiled and dust-free.

As for the kid’s bedrooms, Ho describes them as a relaxing escape that reflects the owners’ styles and hobbies. The son’s blue bedroom is a gaming haven with a TV and wall shelving for his game console. The daughter’s bedroom is a pastel sanctuary with a platform mimicking a loft hideaway. This adds dimension and interest to the bedroom while creating storage space under the bed in place of chunky drawers that would take up too much space.

Speaking of dimension, Ho describes the arch by the balcony in the living area as a way to add dimension to the room in a subtle, yet elegant manner. In the same way, the daybed in the master bedroom is a dynamic space that makes use of large windows.

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