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Fairy lights aren’t just for the holidays – here’s how you can leave them up all year!

Fairy lights, string lights, LED lights, Christmas lights …whatever you call them, they sure are pretty.

If you loved the strands and strands (and more strands!) of fairy lights in Stranger Things, you’ll love these fairy light décor ideas that are perfect for all year round.

Pro-tip: Cheap fairy lights are a fire hazard, so shop wisely! The twinkling LED lights you buy in bulk during the festive season are made for temporary use, and can overheat when left on too long. This is especially important if you’re leaving your lights on overnight or hanging them close to flammable fabrics. Talk to your local hardware store for long term recommendations.

Ceiling Illumination

hallway string lights

SOURCE: blogarredamento.com

Fairy lights zig-zagged across the ceiling provide just the right amount of light for stairwells, hallways, or the pathway leading up to your home. Imagine coming home to this every day!

bedroom fairy lights

SOURCE: davies-design.com

They’re also great if you feel like you’ve outgrown night lights but still need a little help keeping the boogeymen away – paint your ceiling in a darker colour to mimic a starry night outdoors.

dining room ceiling fairy lights

SOURCE: jimandpatsanders.com

String them above dining tables, patios, and reading nooks to set the mood when fluorescent lights just won’t do.

For Framing

fairy lights vanity mirror

SOURCE: sheknows.com

Fairy lights give your vanity an old Hollywood-esque sense of glamour.

fairy lights feature wall

SOURCE: nordicn.kr

Use them as a framing device to pull together your room’s look, pin them around the doors, windows, headboards, or even a focal wall. Hang over paintings or under shelves for makeshift display lights.

fairy lights bedroom

SOURCE: melinaalecia.tumblr.com

This also helps separate different spaces – bedroom and study area, dining space and living room – in rooms that are used for multiple functions. Pair with printed tapestries and rich colours and fabrics for a Bohemian vibe.

Room Divider

partition fairy lights

SOURCE: blog.urbanoutfitters.com

Strings of light hung in a waterfall fashion make excellent room dividers, especially if you’re living in a small space where bulky curtains or wooden dividers can make it seem even more cramped.

window fairy lights

SOURCE: theonlinestylist.co.uk

Forget the blinds! String lights also look great hung in place of more traditional window shades.

Wall Art

fairy lights wall

SOURCE: decolookbook.com

Use your fairy lights to create a display wall; we particularly like designs that borrow elements from nature like constellations, sun beams, and rain.

fairy lights words

SOURCE: cosmopolitan.gr

Why stop at designs? Spell out your favourite words in bright lights to keep you inspired!


bed fairy lights

SOURCE: mayertrade.com.ua

Fairy lights look amazing when contrasted against white fabrics – this is a look that works well with a real (or faux!) canopy bed.

fairy light fairy light curtain

SOURCE: drorpinto.com

Mix and match coloured lights beneath curtains for a shimmery effect.

Hanging Pictures

fairy lights polaroids

SOURCE: cotemaison.fr

Double on duties with an extra thick cord – you can clip on Polaroids, to-do notes, and lightweight accessories.


fairy lights tree

SOURCE: amazinginteriordesign.com

You can also give blah furniture or sculptures a new lease of life by wrapping them in fairy lights.

Pom Pom

pom pom string lights

SOURCE: remontbp.com

Fairy lights too mainstream for you? We love the pom pom light trend that has been taking teenage bedrooms by storm – you can find these at most department stores. Alternatively, DIY your own lamp shades with crepe paper.

tassel bed fairy lights

SOURCE: homedit.com

Tone down the canopy look with a row of pastel tassels instead!

Lit Jars

terrarium fairy light

SOURCE: enjoylifeeatcake.com

Mason jars filled with fairy lights are a staple on most home DIY-ers Pinterest board; turn it up a notch with lighted terrariums and miniature gardens.

LED Headboard

fairy lights headboard

SOURCE: blog.homearena.co.uk

Fairy lights behind a silk screen or a tautly pulled piece of white fabric make for a unique headboard with enough light for night reading.

Bedside Lamp

bedside lamp fairy lights

SOURCE: homedit.com

You can also create your own bedside lamp by taping fairy lights above a faux lamp base.

Inside Cabinets

cabinet fairy lights

SOURCE: whenwebegan.knoxdesign.net

Hang fairy lights on the backs and sides of glass doored cupboards to illuminate your prized possessions.

Cover image from homestolove.com.au.

Why you should care

Fairy lights aren’t just for the holidays – here’s how you can leave them up all year!

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