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Check out how this Malaysian home takes on a Vegas appeal.

Homes reflect their occupants, whether they’re homebodies, travel enthusiasts, or party animals: the space people surround themselves in often cater to their everyday life. This home belongs to travel enthusiasts who were devastated when the pandemic hit in 2020; all their whirlwind travel plans were halted, so they decided to bring their travels home.

The homeowners approached WO Atelier to turn their house into a space that would reflect an everyday staycation, so the interior designer jumped at the chance to design this one-of-a-kind space.

The requirement for this project was to make the space feel like a hotel with a touch of home alongside incorporating a toned-down Las Vegas theme. Wayne of WO Atelier was inspired by the darker tones from the Vegas nightlife to achieve this look. He says, “Generally, people wouldn’t be drawn to having so much black in their home, but this just proves that with the correct balance of colours and materials, the hue can give a luxe appeal.” Wayne and his team used orange and brown tones scattered throughout the home to bring character and warmth to the space further.

Walking us through the space, Wayne notes that the homeowners were drawn to making the brown leather sofa a focal point of their living room, so he designed his way around it – ensuring that no other detail or decor takes away from the couch. Towards the end of the unit sits a large window that overlooks greenery; the space had to be used, so with a bit of research, they found out that the homeowner’s daughter took a liking for piano and started lessons, so he incorporated a stunning piano that befits the view outside.

Wayne and his team always make sure that before they begin a project, they get to know the everyday lifestyle of the homeowners; by doing that, they can create a home that perfectly resonates with the occupants. For the couple, the team created a display area in the dining room for all the unique figurines they have collected through the years. Using black wood laminate and stainless steel inlay, the figurines are perfectly displayed for guests to see. Aside from collecting art, the husband loves his coffee, so they designed a coffee corner specifically to cater to his coffee needs. This nook sits directly next to the breakfast island that makes their morning more efficient. For the wife, it was essential to have space for her wardrobe, but with the size of the bedroom, it initially didn’t seem possible, so Wayne and his team borrowed some of the living room space to create a partitioned walk-in closet. The result was a fashionista-worthy walk-in wardrobe!

WO Atelier takes pride in space planning; they believe it is an integral part of every project. With this unit, they open the living and dining room layout so that all the doors leading to other rooms were visible. To achieve their sleek Vegas appeal, they decided to hide all the entries with partitions and swing and sliding doors. This way, you won’t notice the entrance to the rooms until they are wide open, very much like a magician’s trap door.

Even though they have created a divide between the main areas of the home and the bedrooms, the rooms still follow through with the home’s overall theme. The master bedroom heavily features black hues with a stark teal headboard that brings a fresh new look to space. The headboard hue was very much inspired by the couple’s car that they love. To further enhance the staycation vibe, they opted for carpeted floors similar to hotel bedrooms giving the room a cosy feel. The dark hues, however, don’t continue into the child’s bedroom. Here the designers opted for brighter colours and textures picked out by the homeowner’s daughter. They used pinks, milk browns, oranges to keep the room fun and inviting but also timeless.

Overall, the home has a very modern luxe appeal that brings travel into the house. The small details like carpeted floors, invisible doors, and pops of colour add so much personality and charm to the space. This project was a fantastic feat to achieve, especially as it was completed during the pandemic where many restrictions were put into place. Wayne and his team at WO Atelier were thrilled to help this family achieve their dream home despite all the challenges they had faced.

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Why you should care

Check out how this Malaysian home takes on a Vegas appeal.

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