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These staples will have your café, home, or even office looking très magnifique.

If you’ve been to France (or Pinterest), you’ll know that French cafes not only feature handsome pastries, but also interior designs.

While the rustic and industrial café styles are prevalent around these parts of the world, they can be a bit overdone. The next time you’re looking for inspiration for your space, keep these classic bistro staples in mind:

Black, White, and Pop

For an instant bistro feel, keep the colours black and white à la minimalistic design with a third colour that acts as an accent.

French bistro green

SOURCE: decorfacil.com

French bistro blue

SOURCE: milkdecoration.com

Retro Rattan

One of the many reasons why we love French eateries is because they seem to transport us to the past. Retro design rattan chairs add a relaxed, yet chic look to such cafes.

French cafe rattan seats

SOURCE: wwd.com

French cafe rattan chair

SOURCE: into.co.uk

French bistro rattan stool

SOURCE: Instagram user zioandsons

Insta-Worthy Typography

If it’s a café you’re designing, it doesn’t hurt to have fancy text for your indoor signage or menu boards. It’s adds to the theme and makes the place photo-worthy for all the customers who will be sharing them on Instagram and other online platforms!

French cafe sign

SOURCE: Instagram user landwer_cafe

French cafe black and white

SOURCE: blogg.skonahem.com

green cafe interior

SOURCE: bloglovin.com

Old School Tiles

Tiles like these are another signature of these eateries. Cop the French look with clever tile choices. Experiment with bold colour choices and patterns to really elevate your space.

French bistro yellow tiles

SOURCE: tyylit.com

French bistro green tiles

SOURCE: Admagazine.ru

Velvet Booths

While French bistros sport clean designs in terms of furnishing, they lack not in the luxe department. Add texture and detail in the form of velvet booths. Be careful with this material though, picking the wrong colour might cheapen the look – stick to darker shades instead.

French bistro green chairs

SOURCE: yatzer.com

French bistro green

SOURCE: Blissful.tumblr.com

French bistro yellow

SOURCE: carlaaston.com

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Cover image from into.co.uk.

Why you should care

These staples will have your café, home, or even office looking très magnifique.

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