This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the incredible talent and vision of Malaysia’s leading women in interior design.  These design leaders shape how we experience our spaces, push boundaries, and inspire us with their creativity. 

From fostering deeper connections to our surroundings to pushing boundaries of functionality and aesthetics, these remarkable women and their firms are redefining the way we think about design.

Apieceofart Sdn Bhd (KL)

More than just interior design, Apieceofart, led by the creative duo Belle Lam and Annie Low, elevates spaces into works of art. Their philosophy? “Art Living” – where functionality and aesthetics seamlessly blend to create timeless and classic yet contemporary spaces.

This award-winning firm offers comprehensive services, from design consultations and construction to supplying furniture, materials, and even landscaping. They specialize in transforming residential and commercial spaces, ensuring every detail, from custom cabinetry to Balinese-inspired trinkets, reflects the client’s unique vision. Whether you dream of a meticulously landscaped garden or a relaxing living room retreat, Apieceofart brings your vision to life.

Box Design Studio (KL)

With Krystal Saw spearheading design at Box Design Studio, the firm is passionate about creating dream spaces. They collaborate closely with clients, transforming simple spaces into environments that elevate the way people live, work, and thrive.

Box Design Studio manages every project meticulously, from concept to completion, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to quality. The result? Spaces that not only reflect your unique style but also inspire a sense of well-being and joy.

Framework Studio (KL)

At Framework Studio, led by Creative Director Joanne Low, they believe your home should be more than just an address; it should be a sanctuary. They go beyond aesthetics, working at the intersection of architecture, interior design, and decoration to create spaces that resonate with your soul.

Framework Studio offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs, from collaborating with architects and builders to selecting finishes and crafting beautiful, functional spaces. Their team is dedicated to helping you create a space that’s not just modern and stylish, but also deeply personal.

Friday Night Design Studio (Johor)

Tired of plain interiors? Friday Night Design Studio offers a refreshing alternative. This design firm, helmed by the creative duo of Amber Shu Qing and Xuenee Tham, prioritizes fostering a connection between you and your space. They believe our homes and workplaces should be havens, promoting a sense of calm and allowing us to slow down.

Friday Night Design Studio goes a step further than traditional design. They offer comprehensive design and styling services. From space planning to selecting the perfect artwork, their team takes care of everything. The result? A space that feels both beautiful and uniquely yours.

Luxe Interior Sdn Bhd (KL)

Luxe Interior, a Kuala Lumpur-based design firm established in 2015, takes the stress out of creating your dream space. Veanne Chong, the creative force behind Luxe Interior, brings artistic talent and business acumen to the table.  With a background in Visual Communication and a certified Diploma in Business Management, she ensures stunning design and seamless project management. 

The Luxe team offers a comprehensive design service, from initial concepts to final execution.  Their expertise spans residential and commercial projects, ensuring every detail, from 2D space planning to 3D renderings, reflects your unique vision.

Millimetre Design Sdn Bhd (KL)

Millimetre Design, a Kuala Lumpur-based design consultancy co-founded by Vienna in 2011, isn’t your average design firm. Led by her passion for pushing boundaries, their design process starts with a free flow of creative ideas, meticulously refined to achieve a perfect harmony between form and function.

Millimetre Design offers a comprehensive approach, handling everything from concept to construction so you can focus on envisioning your dream space.

MOM Designer House (Sabah)

From Kota Kinabalu, Sabah MOM Designer House, headed by Ashley Yeoh, showcases its brand story through design. The firm weaves together interior design, branding consultation, and social media guidance to create a cohesive customer experience. Their award-winning team treats each project meticulously, ensuring each space reflects the brand’s unique personality.

Established in 2019, MOM Designer House has blossomed from a two-person team into a team of design professionals with over 100 successful projects under their belt. The firm’s dedication is evident in their motto: they treat every project “like our own baby.”  This translates into a collaborative and detail-oriented approach, a promising experience for the client. 

Novec Holm Design (Penang)

Led by the visionary Evonne Chan, Novec Holm, a Penang-based design firm has been making waves since its inception over four years ago. Evonne isn’t just passionate about creating beautiful spaces; she’s dedicated to crafting experiences that seamlessly blend with your lifestyle and personality. 

Backed by a team of talented designers fueled by innovation, Novec Holm uses cutting-edge technology and clear communication to transform your vision into a reality, ensuring a space that looks stunning and elevates your daily life.

Spaceplay (KL)

Passionate about design’s ability to shape lives, Spaceplay Malaysia, led by Caryn Tan, goes beyond mere aesthetics. They view themselves as storytellers, crafting captivating and functional spaces that resonate with those who inhabit them. Their philosophy centers on the profound impact design has on lifestyle, and their team is dedicated to enhancing every aspect.

Each project is approached with a clear vision: to redefine spaces into purposeful environments. Spaceplay thrives on a synergy of passion and responsibility, ensuring their designs look stunning, create enduring memories, and foster meaningful living.

Todo Design Sdn Bhd (KL)

Since 2010, Kuala Lumpur-based Todo Design, founded by Jasmine Pang, has transformed homes into expressions of their owners. This firm prioritizes collaboration, ensuring each space reflects the client’s unique personality and practical needs. Their expertise in architecture and interior design allows them to craft holistic living environments that are both stylish and deeply personal.

Combining curated ideas with uncompromising quality, Todo Design builds your desired lifestyle, a space that speaks volumes about your unique character and zest for life.

The featured firms, led by talented and passionate leaders, showcase the diversity and innovation shaping the design landscape. As these women continue to push boundaries and redefine spaces, we can expect a future brimming with exciting possibilities for design in Malaysia and beyond.

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