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Interior Design Budget
RM 1,500,000
14 weeks
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B-2-12, Floor 2 Block B, Jln Pintas Penampang, Kepayan Point Kepayan Point
88200 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

A young and successful couple with 2 children decided to build a wonderful dream home on their land which is located a little away from the city area, the story begins from the second that they give us a call to fulfill their wishes.

The Humble Abode is a single-story bungalow with a build-up area of 4,000 square feet, designed to meet the needs of a successful couple and their two children. This project aims to create a warm and welcoming family home that reflects the couple's modest and down-to-earth lifestyle while providing ample space for their family to grow and thrive.

Project Features:
1. Design Philosophy: The design of the bungalow will be based on a simple and timeless architectural style, focusing on functionality, comfort, and sustainability.
2. Spacious Living Areas: The interior will feature open and spacious living areas, connecting the family's living room, kitchen, and dining areas to encourage family togetherness.
3. Bedrooms and Private Spaces: The project will include comfortable and cozy bedrooms for the couple and their children, as well as private spaces for relaxation and study. As well as the couple's very own entertainment space cum with a small office area for their many businesses.
4. Outdoor Space: A well-manicured garden, an outdoor seating area, and a small playground for the children will be part of the design to promote outdoor family activities.
5. Energy-Efficiency: The bungalow will incorporate energy-efficient features such as solar panels, LED lighting, and environmentally friendly insulation materials.

Project Objectives:
The primary goal of The Humble Abode is to create a harmonious and functional family home that suits the lifestyle and values of the couple, providing their children with a nurturing environment to grow in. It should exemplify modest living and sustainability.

Project Timeline: Construction is ongoing now [2022], with an estimated completion date of [2024].

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