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12 weeks
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12200 Butterworth
Penang, Malaysia
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A town situated at the south-eastern tip of Penang Island, Bayan Lepas showcases mesmerising sunsets that run from orangey reds to deep hues of purple. It is dubbed the Silicon Valley of the East where it is home to the Penang International Airport and is the appellative Free Industrial Zone. In such a community, sustainable living is the sure way to go.

Entering this plush cove is moving through rich taupe anti-fingerprint laminates, warm brown flooring, light beige leather chairs and marble surfaces reflected in imposing wall-to-wall mirrors. The walls in this area are indented with several niches, as display racks are delightful additions to the matte cabinetry, while the pantry keeps to the theme to add an illusion of a larger space. Simple yet artistic, the white plaster ceiling and contemporary bar light lends height to this comfy area.

Cleverly designed, the length of this space uses sleek and clean lines in the living room by tucking in fixtures such as the television console and piano nook neatly into wall cabinetry. Visually merging the atmosphere into the naturally green view, the straight lines create a sense of peace and order that is softened by a sole round coffee table or dark wood and luxurious armchair.

Radiating with dominance, the master bedroom is fitted with sleek furniture with accents of taupe. A functional desk of powder-coated steel and anti-fingerprint wood laminate enjoys semi-privacy behind the condominium’s natural structure. Hardwood panels line the wall to display the vibe of durability throughout time. This unique headboard utilises protrusions as wall-mounted side tables. Geometrical storage creates a feature display on the wardrobe in a sleek manner. All these and a comfortable bed in dark grey overlook lush greenery. This reflects the perfect balance between modernity and comfort.

Creating contrast, the second bedroom breathes light from within. White surfaces blend into warm brown laminates with hints of luxury in its contemporary lantern bedside lamp, modern wall lighting and zebra book cabinet. While simple, it draws the soul in to relax and unwind.

Throughout this entire home, anti-fingerprint laminates are used in almost all the fixtures and fittings to give a lasting sleek and clean ambiance that is desired in every home.

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