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12 weeks
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12200 Butterworth
Penang, Malaysia
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A dark modern-contemporary aesthetic reigns in this residential project designed by JGIConcept Design. Such a design theme ensures that the Skycube Residences condominium exudes an elegant and masculine energy.

JGIConcept Design has clearly mastered the art of creating masculine designs. Elements such as the selection of a dark, moody theme, the use of wood, hints of sleek metallic hues, and the application of textured materials come together to build this macho and chic atmosphere that isn’t overly overpowering but is very confidently present.

Sleek and straightforward soldier-stack groove details add a layer of masculine appeal. Arguably, this motif can even be found in the interesting use of the blinds instead of curtains in the living room, which helps to really sell the design story. The herringbone-textured fabric in the TV panel further emphasizes on a textural experience. A neutral and cool colour palette helps to reel in the design. The use of timber allows for a smooth and cohesive design from the living room to the rest of the house.

In the kitchen and dining area, a monochromatic colour scheme is offset by hints of a brassy sheen in the décor and light fixtures. Curved edges found in the dining table and chairs adds a softness to the whole design to balance everything out. The compact top in the kitchen and backsplash are bold, modern but above all functional and purposeful. The dark grey of the surfaces and the sleek matte black of the cabinetry really form a very suave look, much like that of an elegant bar. A reflective wall off to the side of this kitchen and dining space not only helps to create a more streamlined flow, but it also helps make the space feel bigger and also more charismatic.

The master bedroom a similar motif of the soldier-stacked timber panels from the living room as well as the alluring wooden walls. Plush-looking side tables creates a contrasting in texture. During the day when there is ample sunlight, the room feels airy and open, but with the help of a backlit headboard, this space can be altered to become a little moodier as well. The sliding door with ribbed glass insert is found in the master bedroom, separating the sleeping quarters from the wardrobe space.

This modern-contemporary and rugged home makes use of many natural elements and textures to create a unique space. Attention to detail from the JGIConcept Design team has helped to create this cohesive condominium that is elegantly masculine.

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