Sunway Velocity Designer Office 201


Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 150,000
4 weeks
Completion Year
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Interior Design Project Info

Space is a premium in this loft type office, every fine little details and explicit space arrangement is meticulously planned and carefully executed. The entrance was welcomed with a wide view of open-concept book shelf segregating two working areas. The book shelf takes on the subtle wood grain cabinets with black wooden tables and shelves, perfecting a calming natural modern feel with the silver metallic table lights. The warm feel of the working space is accentuated with a creatively designed custom-made loft type low hanging light bulbs.

The stairwell to the meeting space was made with pieces of solid wooden planks and complete the safety guard with a glass panel exposing a splendid overview of the office layout. The meeting space is not neglected as well, the designer personally handpicked each individual strips of timber wood with vivid grains for the meeting door, evoking strong industrial vibes that add to the personality of this project. The space was lastly completed with light-colored wood table coupled with over-hanged customized wooden rectangular lights.

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