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Interior Design Budget
RM 435,000
18 weeks
Completion Year
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UG-32, PJ Midtown Jalan Kemajuan,
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

Jal means water in Hindi. We have created a vision of an interior underpinned by water element as a space representing dreaminess, emotion, intuition inner depth and energy.

The initial space was a blank canvas that we decided to divide the rooms surrounding the existing light well. We wanted to enhance the entry of natural light that makes the whole space not just brighter, but bigger and more welcoming. A logo wall located beside the light well, made up of textured paint wall that draw a broken path in the floor and to give greater fluidity to the circulation space.

To the left are two main spaces, one used as a reception, waiting area, tropical lounge and retail bar at the front of the premise, and the other for the practice of yoga and classroom located in the background. To the right is a private space and services area like locker room, changing room, toilets and pantry.

Through design, we wanted to express the color branding and nature of its business, indoor greenery, translucent quality of glass blocks, blurring the boundaries of textured glass, stone and wood flooring to convey a calming environment. Curve works, counter and ceiling are designed to reflect the sense of fluidity and continuous water movement.

The lounge is an oasis in the desert of the studio, paired with neutral fabric sofa with rattan rugs, wicker furniture and fresh botanicals for a clean and bright spring look. The classroom, a space with windows, allow for more natural light to fill the space and create an inviting atmosphere during yoga practice.

This project symbolizes a journey where upon entering, the student leaves behind the daily fast paced life and gradually connects with the space through body and mind.

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