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About WLEA Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.

WLEA Interior Design is a full-service Interior Design, provides general contacting, construction management, electrical engineering services, building customised furniture, metal and glass works services to a broad range of commercial and industrial clients throughout the West of Malaysia since 2007.
We are a team of professional and certified Interior Designers and Engineers, who have developed an expert practice by collaborating with our clients to create some unique and remarkable spaces as per their needs, taste and budget.
We offer customised services to all our clients such that each project that we deliver has its own unique style and character based on our client's requirements, lifestyle and personality.
With our refined use of materials, perfect infusion of colour and eclectic style, we aim to bring to you a space that you will cherish being a part of.
We take our core values very seriously and which is a driving force to ensure the delivery of the highest quality of work that meets each and every of our client's needs.


Service - We are committed to making our customers delighted & we take that task very seriously.
However big, small, challenging or simple the project, we focus on providing the best customer experience possible.

Punctuality - We focus on timely delivery of all our projects, consistently work towards reducing un-necessary delays & increase efficiency & save time.

Quality - We continuously endeavour to set new standards for quality in every step that we take, be it the materials that we use, the people who we hire or the processes that we follow.

Creativity -Design is a balance between form & function... it takes two.

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