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Interior Design Project Info

Concept: Tropical Island Paradise Vibes

The design concept evolved from the geographical and scenetic sea view which later driven the ideology into the oceanic design development with the combination of: Coral, sea plants and tropical island. The idea was sketched and developed from all 3 elements into some curvilinear lines and form different feature elements to the entire wall, floor, ceiling, and furniture design.

Areas that included in the design and build as below for Residents Clubhouse at Level 1:
1. Lobby
2. Lift lobby
3. Prefunction-area
4. Holding lounge
5. Security room
6. Multipurpose hall
7. Games room
8. Management Office

The color theme that applied at Level 1 was mainly in deep blue to complement the existing architecture flooring in greenish color. It remained a consistency of harmony and peace oceanic color scheme to the interiors. Also, not to forget there was a significant welcomed signage in custom made design with gold wavy slats in coral shape, sitting calmly on the fountain with water flowing sound when the residents get home while passed by the guardhouse. We think the first impression of the entrance statement always important.

Some highlights of the area at Level 1: A well-arranged of the main lobby seating area were designed in the curve setting layout had perfectly compliment with the ceiling design which also having the same curvy design language above the head. In the other hand, guest holding lounge was located next to the main lobby to ease the slight private meeting too. The lounge was divided into 2 areas to hold 2 different groups in the same time, upholstery furniture in cosy setting, customized carpets which in blue waves were well expressed for the flooring too.

Areas that included in the design and build as below for Residents Clubhouse at Level 2:
1. Open Terrace
2. Surau
3. Kid's room
4. Gym room
5. Reading room

Kid's room designed in 'Treasure Island' playground theme in the room. Tropical coconut trees along the wall were fabricated in soft acoustic panel surfaces, a climbing net to make an adventurous entrance before getting to the slide like a sailor, oversized blue dots representing bubbles in the sea was applied on the wall. It was to stimulate the imagination of treasure hunt in the interiors and enabled the kids to expand their thoughts in the creative world.

Reading room is the best place for study either in group or individually. The room designed in a fancy curvilinear book rack on wall flowing from the entrance to another end of inside wall, with a secret tuck-in pocket seating underneath and between the wall rack design. Different terrains of mountain views were explicitly applied on the wall with back lid lightings in the nature vibes atmosphere. Multi layers of elevated flooring could enable more free-style seating with throwing cushion seat and bean bags.

At the outdoor area, we customised a series of different colors wicker made outdoor furniture. It meant to suit the outdoor weather while occupied the needs of outdoor activities for the residents and users. The most challenging part was the wavy-liked bench making. It was constructed by every single different cut-piece of external outdoor fibre man-made wood material in different shape, assembled every piece of it with the metal pole support internally and locked by the bolt and but on both sides. It is worth the challenge as to get the exceptional outlook and functional ergonomic typed of outdoor bench.

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