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Inspired by the interior depth of a cave, the design studio is reminiscent of a futuristic time tunnel. The immersive space includes a waiting room, workstation, multifunction area, meeting room, pantry and two separate director offices. An important element was to utilize and create spaces that provide opportunities for staff to gather and share ideas in informal workstations.

A total of 1,210 square foot, the design team maximized the space by creating a change in floor levels and clearly defining workstation areas. Taking the form of a bullet train speeding through a tunnel cave, the white framed workstation makes a clear division within the space. The design team decided to raise it up from a more open waiting room and as a result the space appears more complex and dynamic. The interior is defined by a curving tunnel-like pathway with LED light tracks and a thin grey carpet that runs along the subtly angled ceiling. While lined on the back wall is a stunning play of light and shadow that appears to be lights within the tunnel flashing by as you look out the bullet train. The lights guide visitors through the space, evoking a futuristic tunnel atmosphere. The director offices are opened up with glass walls that create a sense of transparency and openness. Beside the director office space is The Little Cave that has an arched opening engulfed in a soft pale green, which offers a learning environment and cozy refuge for young visitors and designers to reflect and rest.

Embracing profound simplicity while simultaneously exuding vastness, the design studio brings to mind an industrial tunnel for a train to effortlessly flow through time and space

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