Fernsworth 2-Storey Semi-Detached Home


Interior Design Project Info

The design approach began with ideation of a contemporary style yet classic, timeless, calming and serene.

To achieve a smooth transition between spaces, we introduced multifunctional vertical panels. For instance, it could either be a divider with storage, a sliding entrance or a hidden door. Certainly, the home journey starts with thoroughly curated contemporary foyer and living that led to decent dining and dry kitchen. Uniform treatment ushers in design consistency. Therefore, it allows plenty of flexibility for expressive artworks and decor with more personality.

Luxurious simplicity, right neutrals, plays of materials and quiet drama create a foundation throughout the interior. Hence, the homeowner is able to bring in pops of colour or texture that can be easily switched depending on the mood. The best example is the bold brown leather furniture and dramatic rug.

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