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Church Without Walls (CWW Training Centre)

For the interior design of Church Without Walls, Little Ones Big Impact was tasked to inject modernity into a place of worship. The design approach takes a shift from what one would traditionally expect from a church.

Across the three levels, the space is clearly defined by the respective designated areas to cater to a variety of activities. The incorporation of airy, open spaces complemented with vibrant colour accents and details helps to spark happiness and creativity throughout the space.

The ground floor houses the main event hall with an elevated stage and large LED screen for weekly performances and special events. This is where the black and blue chairs stand out amidst the wooden flooring and wood panelled wall. LED strip lighting adds a modern touch to the space. Outside the hall, a cafeteria looks out to the outdoors and serves as a pre-event space, where it allows youngsters to take turns to operate the café to serve church members.

The first floor is dedicated to younger children, where the open space is designed to allow plenty of room for play. The nursery is adorned with a circular ceiling with clouds motives to bring a touch of outdoor element into the blue and yellow-themed room. Padded walls, long benches and small stools ensure a safe space for younger children. On the same level, a junior hall is designed for older children and features colourful lighting accents, a bench seat and plenty of multi-coloured chairs.

Another hall is located on the second floor, which caters to teenagers above 12 years old. The colour scheme here reflects a more mature audience without foregoing a similar bold design concept. The stage is designed with irregular geometric shapes as a representation of the edgy mindset of teenagers, while a curved side bench by the window offers a cosy nook for reading or discussions.

Various breakout areas as well as consultation rooms, tuition rooms and a pastor’s office are also incorporated into the space. Each room sports a similar vibrant theme with a variety of accents, such as black steel, wooden panels and strip lighting.

By following a thematic commonality and similar design language, Little Ones Big Impact achieves the design goals of creating a space that serves the community of all ages.

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