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Beer Mad Bandar Rimbayu

When faced with the question of how to create a unique bar and restaurant that stands out while integrating indoor and outdoor dining, Little Ones Big Impact has just the answer. For the concept and interior design of Beer Mad in Bandar Rimbayu, Little Ones Big Impact integrated an alfresco dining space within an enclosed space to offer a cool and comfortable environment. The spacious alfresco dining area is spacious with grass flooring and strings of hanging light bulbs to simulate the experience of dining under the stars when night falls. Dark solid wood high tables and leather-clad high stools are selected to add to the au naturel vibe of the alfresco space.

The outdoor essence is translated into the indoor dining area with leafy green walls and hanging foliage, yet the indoors offer a more intimate, rustic and cosy mood with a harmonious selection of accents and textures.

To inject a unique identity which reflects the “beer mad” soul, a massive wall filled with green glass bottles becomes an eye-catching feature wall that casts off a green glow and acts as a backdrop against the bar area. Following the same concept, wine and whiskey bottles are used as decorative elements throughout the space.

Vintage-inspired accents give a definitive character to the space, with chesterfield sofas coupled with leather-clad seats and dark wooded tables, dark chevron flooring and metal accents on the wall with pops of colour for vibrancy – all of which effortlessly accentuate the old-time feel of the interior design. Rows of antique fans decorate a wall, while The Mad Hatter portrait hangs on another interior wall to pay homage to the essence of what Beer Mad stands for.

The result of Beer Mad is a space that is both lively and vibrant, modern and timeless and perfectly expresses its intended design language both indoor and outdoor.


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