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Unfolding the tour of this three-storey semi-detached house, this 5200 square-feet modern luxury home features an earthy palette and walnut wood hues, exuding warmth and elegance in the space.

To give the ground floor a seamless and airy atmosphere, an existing wall between the living and dining area is aptly replaced by a floating display cabinet, which subtly divides the two zones and effectively achieves the illusion of a larger living room. Besides, a hidden door at the feature wall panel gives access to the powder room right next to the dining area, while the dry kitchen is thoughtfully designed to be located at the further corner which is away from the living room’s view, and yet facing the dining area with functionality in mind.

Moving on to the first floor, the master bedroom has taken substantial extension work and the expanded area turns into an admirable walk-in wardrobe space. This all-inclusive wardrobe area is completed with ample enclosed compartments, full-height mirrors cum glass sliding doors which open up to hidden storage spaces, as well as an eye-catching closet island beautifully taking centre stage in the area.

Continuing the refined luxe theme, details of gold hairline finishes are consistently showcased at the bed headboards, ceiling curve lines, and the bottom of the closet island. These exquisite fine points delicately pull off an aesthetic and visual connectivity throughout the space. Whereas the other bedrooms with high ceiling space albeit less room width, horizontal ceiling lines are incorporated to elongate the space which creates a comfortable spatial experience overall.

With a more casual vibe, the top floor encompasses mostly recreational spaces such as the entertainment area, a reading corner, and a pantry bar. To dive into the detail, the timber ceiling panel with subtle groove lines cleverly creates a visually connecting zone between the reading corner and the bar area, which turns into a perfect spot to relax and unwind after a long day.

Distinctive and sophisticated, this urban residence is a timeless abode that speaks volumes about the homeowner’s preferences and personalities, especially a wine connoisseur’s tasteful and classy characters.

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